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  1. I just need a time out
  2. Betty is off having her "date".
  3. Akron, OH Pet Event/Walk
  4. Vet fee fund
  5. Looking For Another
  6. ive took away the pee pads
  7. Can you vote for Ivy :)
  8. Chi godmother/godfather?
  9. Has anyone heard from Keri lately? Daisy & new puppies?
  10. Roxie-Foxie
  11. Chanel went to the vet..
  12. Small success with Jack
  13. Get my Chi tomorow
  14. i got my tri!!
  15. Have any of you used....
  16. Robin, Can we get some pics of Lily & Chloe? PLEASE!!!
  17. ultimately chi related: jobless
  18. Burrowing dog beds
  19. Where do you buy your Puppia's online?
  20. Can someone please help me with an experiment?
  21. Holy Moly this is going to be a giant chihuahua! LOL
  22. The glorious teen / young adult years
  23. What is up with my chis tails?
  24. Chemo chi
  25. Little devils in disguise
  26. Change in plans
  27. Star Rider and family
  28. Papi is so bonded to all of us....
  29. Girl or Boy?
  30. Free online Doggy Aficionado magazine
  31. hi back now missed you all
  32. Favorite Doggie Must Haves: What are Yours?
  33. Anyone Else Bathe All Their Dogs on the Same Day?
  34. nuetering and an idiot brother!
  35. Fear of other dogs?
  36. what was your chihuahua's breeders name?
  37. Its working!
  38. One of our chewie favorites.
  39. Pig ears and growling!
  40. totally me
  41. A Mother's Day Card for everyone!
  42. Lola wont eat
  43. what can a breeder do if a contract is broken?
  44. Has anyone else seen Ramsey and Pablo?
  45. Leaving my baby...:(
  46. Chihuahuas spoil your night...
  47. Happy Mother's Day!!!
  48. Homemade dog treats
  49. Hard to believe....
  50. We're headed to the emergency vet clinic.....
  51. Well...What a bombshell...
  52. In the bigger scheme of things...are Chi's that expensive?
  53. Are female Chihuahuas in more demand?
  54. When the Chi's/pets dictate home furnishings!!!
  55. How to make a man...
  56. Lily is really sick.
  57. 11 teeth removed.
  58. Were can i find one of those pet carring handbags in u.k??
  59. Hubby away
  60. Desperately Need Peaceful Suggestions...
  61. Is it my imagination?
  62. Can you tell by their face?
  63. Does anyone have a black long coat Chi?
  64. breed standered ???
  65. Aren't there some horrible people?
  66. Is it a Chihuahua? Or isn't it?
  67. Beds
  68. Potty Help
  69. There's an owl in the house!!!
  70. Do your chi's bath in the water on their own?
  71. How do you decide on when to put clothes on your chi's?
  72. Bartering/haggling over Chihuahua price?
  73. What length would you go to buy...
  74. Does anybody else get paranoid?
  75. How many of your dogs have names ending with...
  76. What is one of the Cutest things your chi does?
  77. For those who love the tinies ....
  78. Flying with chis
  79. OMG - look what is in our paper today ....
  80. Elmo is growling and barking at a door!
  81. poison mushrooms
  82. She peed outside!!! GO LILY!!!!
  83. Help me name the litter!
  84. Star Rider is once again in need of your prayers
  85. Does premium food make them grow bigger?
  86. Which pup would you choose?
  87. School is boring!
  88. Robin, our stroller.
  89. Elmos chewed a wire!
  90. I love my job!!
  91. haay guys
  92. Puppy stages
  93. older or younger?
  94. The countdown is on!
  95. NILF method
  96. I need Ceasar Milan
  97. Edwards Blog
  98. I don't think Venus really loves me anymore
  99. So sad...Tilly is back at breeders
  100. Something went wrong...
  101. I had will power!!
  102. We changed Olive's Name
  103. I need some help please
  104. merle?
  105. PLEASE microchip your Chis....
  106. Ok lets see here....
  107. Puppy potty progress!
  108. Pooping more often
  109. All those lil Chihuahuas that have passed on
  110. Looking for that special puppy!
  111. I think I want an older girl...
  112. So I sense....
  113. Puppy Daze
  114. We are putting Bailey on a feeding schedule... HELP!
  115. Potty Problems... HELP!
  116. In your face?!
  117. Saw My Breeder Today...Look What I Got
  118. My Kona's Chips arrived today!!!
  119. Obedience....
  120. I'd love this little girl....Despite my plans
  121. Have you ever taken you Chihuahuas on a boat?
  122. Mesmerised ~ The Chihuahua Spell!!!
  123. Collar Recommend?
  124. Come vote for Chopper
  125. Clicker Training
  126. Help Me Pick A Name?
  127. Is obedience class good enough for socialization?
  128. Puppy trouble...
  129. We didn;t win
  130. Ferrets & Chis
  131. Brody's close call ...
  132. PETCO Contest....we are down by 30
  133. Naughty Dodge
  134. I might have found my Chi
  135. Ears
  136. are you kidding me?
  137. Last day to vote is tomorrow 04/30
  138. Calling Cara and Bella (lovmychi's) !!!
  139. Puppy time!
  140. Does this sound like a scam?
  141. Reacting To TV ?
  142. I'm Looking at Other Puppies
  143. Loki's ears have lifted!
  144. Hiding treats?
  145. Another puppy/child
  146. dodge is getting old
  147. Puppy Facials
  148. Rabbit play tunnel ideal for a Chi
  149. Blown Away Chihuahua
  150. Dancing Chihuahua
  151. Ohhh....the puppy blues
  152. well unfortunately =(
  153. Lily just found her bark!
  154. How far would you travel for right Chihuahua?
  155. I'm so proud of Papi!
  156. Faith in papers?
  157. Collars and harneses with long haired chi's
  158. Pre-named puppies
  159. Tornado plan
  160. Do you have to register your dogs?
  161. what is an apple vs. dear head ?
  162. Vacationing with your babies
  163. i need your help!!!
  164. help name my chihuahua please!!!
  165. Would you go smaller or bigger given the choice?
  166. what should i do?!?!
  167. have you ever thought about
  168. who do you leave your babys with when you are away?
  169. Returning puppy to breeder contract?
  170. Doesn't the figure 8 harness pull at the neck?
  171. Comparison thread :) pictures
  172. hi again
  173. Chihuahuas and drugs do apparently mix
  174. have you ever heard of?
  175. Ooooh la la
  176. i need info!!!
  177. got any good comebacks for rude coments?
  178. Annoyed! How many of you have heard...
  179. When you make a decision about a Chihuahua...
  180. Where do you put your rabies tag?
  181. Embroidered Chihuahua collars?
  182. chihuahuas born without legs
  183. Your Chihuahuas plans for today?
  184. Cinnamon?
  185. Poor little Butters
  186. Elmo came through okay!
  187. washable or disposable pad?
  188. unfriendly dog places rant...grr!
  189. brushes
  190. Chi Photo Group ~facebook
  191. Pets OnDemand
  192. How many of you sneak them in?
  193. Shazaam!!
  194. Frontline for big dogs
  195. What's the one item you can't live without?
  196. Favorite..............
  197. my new carrier basket
  198. Urgent advice Please
  199. Warning~
  200. Nice weather ahead... ideas?
  201. Lily Fine
  202. Pet Blessing Service...
  203. Beverly Hills Chihuahua premiere holland
  204. Just One Litter...
  205. Do you believe??
  206. This makes me sick...
  207. Purina Busy Chewnola ....
  208. Nicknames??
  209. Figures! Just my luck !
  210. Loki needs a little sister.
  211. Switching Food
  212. Would anyone mind?
  213. What really is "The Chi Factor"
  214. Worst moment of my life - distraught
  215. Off to be spayed tomorrow
  216. Advice on shortening black nails
  217. What color will he be ?
  218. Long time, but I'm back!
  219. need a place to rest their heads...
  220. Carvers Dog Treats....
  221. What happened to my bully stick????
  222. hi
  223. Looks okay? Chance's stitches. Viewer Discretion Advised.
  224. good first birthday present for Elmo?
  225. "FDA Confirms Probe of NUTRO Pet Food Deaths, Illnesses"
  226. My baby is awake and out of surgery! :)
  227. Little Elmo is getting the op on Friday!
  228. Free Wellness Core Samples
  229. Removing a TICK?
  230. How do I delete my old threads???
  231. What is a sticky??
  232. Think Candy... I Prefer Chocolate.
  233. What are they dreaming about?
  234. Pretty gross but...
  235. Dog intelligence
  236. If anything happened to you (God forbid)
  237. help name my chihuahua please!!!
  238. This is just my opinion......
  239. hi there
  240. Puppy Find Mission
  241. Ex stud Dogs As Pets?
  242. Do your chi's cry tears?
  243. Chihuahua Visit
  244. Distant Healing For Pets...Please Read
  245. Chihuahuas with pink noses?
  246. Peanut aka Superman?!?
  247. He's Not Potty Trained
  248. Cesar Millan and his methods
  249. The calming effect of the sun...
  250. How can such a small dog have so much love to give?!