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  1. I am......
  2. Sedona anyone?
  3. Anyone Shopping?
  4. Chuck's visit tot he behaviorist...
  5. So sad right now
  6. Smiling, oh my goodness.
  7. Nick names?
  8. ***Amazing news!! Finally Chicago is on board!***
  9. Abandoned Dog Found Nursing Kitten
  10. Will I ever be able to let my guys have free reign of the house?
  11. Almost myz birfsday
  12. Poor Grimm
  13. Can't Believe
  14. Need some Advice...(LONG)
  15. Any tips on getting 8 week old to drink water from her bowl?
  16. What was this crazy chihuahua thinking? lol
  17. Long time no see
  18. Your opinions
  19. My academic life after finding Chalupa
  20. Groomers?
  21. silly habits????
  22. Chuck was brave..
  23. Bailey Boo is "1"
  24. Looking for very soft collar.
  25. Leaving my chi for the first time...
  26. Fundle?
  27. Vet visit today :-)
  28. Can't be possible!
  29. Stella and chewy are now
  30. 3rd Chi
  31. Champ
  32. Is Mia a chihuahua or a parrot?
  33. ***Thinking of going raw?***
  34. Feeding bowls for chis ?
  35. Budget friendly clothes?
  36. Started barking at night
  37. Summer / Winter Coats?
  38. The right time for a second?
  39. Chuck is going to see the Veterinary Behaviorist..
  40. A small update on Teddy :)
  41. Is it normal for Chi's to have a lazy eye?
  42. You guys have to see this movie
  43. I feel like I have a child. . .
  44. Update on Chuck
  45. Found a chihuahua, what to do next?
  46. Wow & just wow
  47. Obedience Success
  48. So irritated and need to vent!
  49. My little loves
  50. MAJOR VENT Frustrated and Annoyed!!
  51. What a little stinker!!
  52. Day 1: from inside to outside pottying using a bell.
  53. Homegoods pet section rocks!
  54. Blue Merle Chihuahua
  55. New York, New York
  56. Miles got a new winter harness :)
  57. Chihuahuas terrorize neighborhood
  58. Tips on training to use a bell to potty outside
  59. Finally found tcup chihuahua harness and etc..
  60. Bandit ate a box of raisins last night
  61. its TIME! to celebrate! ;p
  62. Nova is starting obedience class!
  63. Nutri cal?
  64. My homemade potty training door bell.
  65. Heartwarming
  66. Organic Oscar Aloe Vera Shampoo And Conditioner Giveaway
  67. Mylo seems really anxious today?
  68. Chuck and I reached a small detente..
  69. Our Newest Purse/Carrier... Best EVAR!
  70. Little puppy update
  71. Happy First Birthday Bailey!
  72. Very Proud of Herself...
  73. It's Almost emmy's first birthday!!!
  74. 100mph Winds
  75. Pet Fountains???
  76. Puppy Potty Training??
  77. Fed up with winter!
  78. My Chi is a Poodini
  79. Black Jack!
  80. What were they thinking?!
  81. Random dog food question...
  82. Izzy
  83. How long does a 12 lb bag of Wellness last?
  84. best prank ever
  85. Outside and puppy pad training 2 dogs.
  86. Fetch!
  87. home vaccination
  88. The scare of a lifetime!!!!!!!
  89. Vent!!
  90. darn it
  91. First night home
  92. I decided to brag on my little girl
  93. Teddy is home!!!!!!
  94. Angel Made me feel bad
  95. Pee pad users
  96. Doberhuahua
  97. Here, chew on this
  98. How does your baby react when you're sad?
  99. what can i do
  100. finally
  101. Decided not to Lure Course- am I crazy?
  102. Your top do's and don'ts?
  103. New Facebook page
  104. Can a vaccinated puppy/dog go near an unvaccinated dog? What will happen?
  105. Sleeping with your Chis?
  106. Help - buddy belt with crystals?
  107. Hilarious Chihuahua Antic #32
  108. Anyone have a TAGG system for their Cihhuahuas?
  109. February Shopping - what are you getting?
  110. Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow - "tinkie" or step-in? What should I get?
  111. Ponyo Defends My Honor
  112. Pack Leader
  113. Emmy got spayed today
  114. Single man getting new chihuahua tomorrow---urgent advice needed!
  115. Annabell is almost 4 mos old!
  116. snowed in and running out of things to do
  117. Our not so good snow walkie
  118. Fall In Love With Our Furever Love Valentine’s Day Contest
  119. Pedigree dog-names starting with A?
  120. Boy confused.
  121. Happy LATE Birthday to my precious Lulu from her horrible Mama. :(
  122. I must be going out of my
  123. 4 weeks in...a question?
  124. Carrots over a bully stick??
  125. Did something unintentional this morning
  126. Just had an upset...
  127. favorite outfit
  128. dog birthday cake
  129. He changed his mind
  130. Hello again!
  131. Ponyo's Officially Potty Trained!
  132. Teresa (TLI) - Congratulations Little Jade and Teresa!
  133. Restless puppy at night.
  134. Celebrities ..
  135. Huge breakthrough tonight
  136. I'm jealous!
  137. 10 day countdown!
  138. How often do you bathe your baby?
  139. Pure bites freeze dried dog treats?
  140. Park Avenue Harnesses
  141. Kril oil? Opinions?
  142. Chihuahua savvy
  143. Clothes
  144. Not too happy with the Kong...
  145. Calling all Sochi Olympic fans....
  146. Puppy doesn't like treats!!??
  147. Potty Problems!
  148. Please vote for my gang and Sonny in the Wooflink Photo Contest
  149. Puppy playtime :-)
  150. protective?
  151. The whole neighbourhood is in heat :(
  152. if you have a Costco go check out this bed
  153. Ava first morning pics!
  154. mesh top for iris pen
  155. Ava! Home atlast :-)
  156. Is it too soon.......
  157. Anyone else's chi baby love the blow dryer????
  158. How do you feed your dogs? (for those with more than one dog)
  159. New coat (uk)
  160. Open stairs..
  161. Pet Expo Baltimore next weekend
  162. Long time no see!
  163. Your Harness(es) / Collar(s) and Tag(s)?
  164. Buddy Belts
  165. I'm back!
  166. Zuke's bought out by Purina
  167. Petsmart training class.
  168. Car seat question
  169. Gross but funny story
  170. Baby girl
  171. Impacted baby teeth question
  172. homemade dog treats or cakes
  173. Pill guns/dispensers???
  174. wellness vet visits
  175. Gus Gus update
  176. Coco therapy coconut oil?
  177. Awaiting lab recheck results!!
  178. Harley's Third Birthday
  179. chicken and gizzards
  180. Head and neck spasm.
  181. Small thing, but massive for us
  182. so excited!!
  183. Your Chi's Facebook Page?
  184. i feel bad
  185. this!
  186. I cracked the Nova code!!!!
  187. Shopping
  188. Chihuahua goes for a Joyride...
  189. Jade's Facebook Page.
  190. Is it bad to feed your Chi minced beef?
  191. Check out famous chihuahua Facebook page!
  192. Floppy Ears
  193. Sleepy head :D
  194. I use these to brush Midgie's teeth...
  195. Why use a carrier?
  196. Do you prefer to own girls or boys?
  197. housebreaking and 2+ dog families
  198. How did you decide on a name? And what does it mean?
  199. How did you decide on a chihuahua?
  200. For the newbie to the shopaholic Some of my favorite things
  201. And The Winner Of The Merrick Dog Food For A Year Contest Is…
  202. Please vote for Jade!
  203. Your Carriers?
  204. Mylo looking after me as I am sick and in pain today nothing like a Chi cuddle
  205. Braxton by the fireplace :-)
  206. So upset after watching inside edition tonight!
  207. I love fromm!!
  208. Should we change his name?
  209. name suggestions??
  210. Why does my Chi scratch when he is excited or playing?
  211. She's Here!
  212. Does your Chi do this?
  213. How Big Are Your Chi's?
  214. Funny story
  215. Another shopping questtion Buddy Belt2
  216. Loving this new sling, should I buy it??
  217. How do/did you prepare for a puppy's arrival?
  218. New Puppy Arrives Tomorrow!
  219. Pets do get sinus infections....
  220. Did a tiiiiny tiny shopping for my Boo Booooo ;)
  221. Cool stuff we love
  222. shopping question
  223. So excited =)
  224. Going to visit a puppy tomorrow!
  225. Horrible to watch...
  226. Overnight chi sensation: Nellie!
  227. My Chi loves milk, plus other concerns
  228. Louis Dog size experts???
  229. Cute small ID tags
  230. best way to clean urine from carpet
  231. Worlds smallest chihuahua
  232. Reasons to not use dish liquid to wash your pup...
  233. Timmy's SS came today
  234. Getting my new baby tomorrow!!
  235. SS has arrived!
  236. Mimi's turning 1, gift ideas???
  237. Potty Training....oh Joy!!
  238. I am a cruel and evil puppy owner!
  239. Tiny Jane, 4oz at 8 weeks
  240. toys
  241. What's up with all this??
  242. What are you doing on New Years eve ladies?
  243. Used girls clothes??
  244. Help with Anxiety (1 yr old male)
  245. Your help is needed
  246. Collars: be warned
  247. My dogs live in luxury
  248. Favorite shots from 2013
  249. Hihi...guess what I got for Christmas :D
  250. Adult coat vs Puppy coat?