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  1. Royal Canin Chihuahua dog food (Might be UK only)
  2. Bailey Graduated!!!
  3. Our Sherpa Cave Bed.
  4. Need recommendations for puppy gear
  5. Happy 1st birthday Lola!
  6. Just sat here pondering...
  7. Can anyone take their dogs to work?
  8. Chihuahua Painting By Numbers?
  9. Dog Food
  10. sooooooooo mad.
  11. Our journey down carrier and sling lane.....
  12. I'm getting a puppy!!!
  13. Comforting words in loss of our companions...
  14. Bathing long coat dogs.
  15. Simon Got Neutered
  16. Corn on the cob
  17. Brodysmom
  18. The rabbit nest saga (long)
  19. Am I just of a suspicious nature?
  20. Hey, Harley....Update needed, Please
  21. Rare dog breed
  22. Anyone else have a chi mix here?
  23. We must be really BAD dancers...
  24. A reminder of the good old days
  25. Papi "earning his keep!" LOL!
  26. Does your hubby look over your shoulder?
  27. pet expos
  28. $3.00 Coupon for Wellness Dog or Cat Food
  29. Animal Communication ~ Psychic Level?
  30. Anyone adopted an elderly Chihuahua?
  31. Comparison thread =)
  32. Opinions, Thoughts Needed, PLEASE!
  33. Better word than "runt"
  34. How do your Chi's say "Good morning?"
  35. Are Chihuahua's okay at the beach?
  36. Understanding the genetics of the size of a Chi.
  37. Wishing i could adopt...
  38. Need help with this little boy
  39. Just rescued a lil girl..... "HELP"
  40. Cocking leg - back to front
  41. Do you have photographs of Your Chi/s...
  42. Would you let your husband/partner?
  43. Growth spurt?
  44. What is your Chi's Favorite Thing To Do?
  45. Did your dog "pick you?"
  46. Need name suggestions!!
  47. Economy and and also pet insurance
  48. Chi's have a great sense of humor
  49. Collar and lead walking
  50. How was your Easter?
  51. naughtiest thing your chi has ever done?
  52. Easter was great...but.....
  53. I had a Lina dream last night...
  54. backpack
  55. Ugh. :( :( :(
  56. Awwwww how cute is she
  57. Vent!!
  58. Happy birthday
  59. Puppy with no papers
  60. Animal Planet's Most Outrageous
  61. She's so quiet!
  62. send good thoughts toby's way tomorrow
  63. who dresses their chi's up 4 easter?
  64. They are like our children...until
  65. Lily shaking any ideas
  66. Arabella stole the show!...
  67. Free Coupon for Royal Canin Puppy
  68. I'm getting aother Chi
  69. Where did that term come from?
  70. Plz help my poor honey wont use her back right leg
  71. Hair everywhere!!!
  72. When do they stop growing?
  73. On our way Back
  74. Shedding question
  75. My Friend's chihuahua
  76. Really???
  77. Whole Food Feeders... Please Read!!!
  78. Zoey's mom
  79. Prayers are really needed
  80. Wow I love American Bully Sticks lol!!!
  81. Brody's picky eating is driving me crazy ....
  82. Just made zac and honey a website check it out
  83. Yay! He squats again!!!!!
  84. found something that works!-pet stains!
  85. people telling you how to treat YOUR dog, rant.
  86. Posted On The Dangerous People Food Thread....
  87. Homemade Dog Food/Favorite Recipe
  88. Break up care
  89. microchipping
  90. Do your Chi's have nicknames?
  91. Some people make me so angry..
  92. What is your chi(s) doing right now?
  93. obedience training
  94. Puppia Question....
  95. The smell of bully sticks???
  96. Chi's Birthdays
  97. Baby pictures!
  98. Its my Birthday!!! Yay!
  99. Pwease Hewp us
  100. Oh my word, Bambi walked
  101. Will you ever be without one?
  102. New Baby-Advise kinda long
  103. Please vote for me
  104. Do your Chi's have their own site?
  105. When did you decide a Chihuahua was for you?
  106. Supporting Chihuahua Rescue
  107. My puppy is born or soon will be!
  108. Update On Chico's Eating Habits
  109. car travel
  110. Chihuahua For Reverse Stud On Ebay
  111. puppies
  112. Questions. Livejournal had a funny dog survey.
  113. Omg! Copy cat
  114. Longcoat White Chis?
  115. Name for my new baby...
  116. vote for Roxie
  117. I have actually laughed out loud!!
  118. Rocky is completely different after neutering!
  119. Hiya Im Back xxx
  120. Birthday Cake recipe?
  121. Chi Faces
  122. Are Bully Sticks called 'Pizzle' in the UK?
  123. Egg names
  124. apparently, chihuahuas are the new pitbulls
  125. How do you respond?
  126. Chi Collections
  127. How could they? Dog swap.
  128. :(
  129. Moment of Silence for the kitty, rabbit, snake
  130. omg zac embarassed me today
  131. Bailey is acting like he can't pee... HELP!!!
  132. would anyone be so kind as to ship me bully sticks
  133. I got Yoshi and Chibi some Kool Koats
  134. Please Say Prayers For Bailey....
  135. Where does your chi sleep?
  136. I wonder . .
  137. Please help...have to give away my baby :(
  138. Please let me sleeeeep!!!
  139. He bit me
  140. where did that come from?
  141. Bailey is 6 months!!!
  142. Is anyone else feeling "puppy broody?"
  143. My puppy is due in 5 days!
  144. *So Proud*
  145. Prayers are needed please...
  146. Bathtubs for chihuahuas?
  147. Breeders?
  148. So nervous about Friday!!!
  149. I never thought i'd say this
  150. Collars
  151. questions
  152. Do you ever get asked...
  153. Precious' spay is tomorrow..!
  154. For everyone who has lost a puppy...
  155. "Cedric" Name change
  156. The Puppy Bill Of Rights
  157. Just thinking about....
  158. Taking your furbabies on holiday
  159. If you bought/adopted an adult Chi...
  160. Playing with the Danes
  161. Chihuahua Colours
  162. Bruce has me scared
  163. TinkerBella's spay was postponed
  164. What Food Do You Use?!
  165. chi carriers...
  166. How do you keep from having 1200 babies??
  167. Sooo friggen annoyed!!!
  168. Chi fund (Discussions)
  169. Walks/Games/food
  170. Tank... really long
  171. Who has surprised you?
  172. how do i get lexi to walk by my side
  173. How embarassing!
  174. TinkerBella Spay on Monday
  175. Bailey actually got to PLAY with other Chi's Today!!!!
  176. To breed.... or not to breed.... that is my question!
  177. Nobody likes change!!
  178. So...
  179. I adopted a cocoa bean *very long*
  180. Chihuahua UK days out to share!
  181. Please Read If You Donated Money to "Bambi"
  182. Tank!
  183. Another bambi auction
  184. Bambi lived through the night!
  185. Zoe's puppies are here!
  186. AUCTION For Little Bambi!
  187. I'm losing my mind over this! Bambi!
  188. Bambi and i are in metro hospital as we speak.
  189. Do you dream about your Chihuahuas???
  190. Donations for life-saving surgery for Bambi - PLEASE READ
  191. Keeffer is getting HUGE
  192. I got Bambi's 5 generation pedigree today
  193. Is my dog a wimp? LOL
  194. Oh, poor Bailey....
  195. Your Chihuahuas favourite meat?
  196. Bambi is terribly, terribly sick...
  197. Chi Anti-Pull Harness.
  198. Brody's at the vet ....
  199. when to worm my dog
  200. at what age does the tail fluff out
  201. A new Chi for me!
  202. Dog outdoor equipment?
  203. about the doggie diaper i ordered! help!
  204. Yay for nice weather!
  205. had an accident with Bambi and the door
  206. Question RE: Bully Sticks
  207. What are your chi's up to right this moment???
  208. What's the deal with the RAW diet?
  209. scary moments...?
  210. What is more important to you
  211. Your Chihuahuas and Mothers Day?
  212. Warning: Problems with Canidae, Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Others
  213. Toys
  214. Do you have a name ready?
  215. Kozanna's birthday
  216. One on one Gizmo time! Wish me luck!
  217. Chi-People = TROUBLE! :)
  218. Wish me luck tonight... starting crate training.....
  219. got our sticks today!
  220. Does anyone feed Nutro Ultra or Blue Buffalo?
  221. When do the "Terrible Two's" start?!!!
  222. Does anyone feed Artemis puppy or want to?
  223. The Orijen came today .....
  224. Crazy and true Story!
  225. ..
  226. Food
  227. LC white Chi's???
  228. With all the talk about Orijen....
  229. Hoping to adopt!!!
  230. The puppy food quest continues... chapter 437 ....
  231. getting another Chi......
  232. has anyone bought these?
  233. Rockys op 2moro :(
  234. yap yap yap
  235. nail clipping mishap
  236. taking a chi out not on leash but carrying it....
  237. doggy boots
  238. Wellness Core: Original vs Ocean Formula
  239. Bailey & I are BACK!!!!!!
  240. Itv prog
  241. Guess what I won......
  242. Adam- the walkaholic!
  243. Attitudes--Opinions--Experience Another Question Please
  244. I know it's not Thanksgiving, BUT...
  245. Chihuahuas and eating out?
  246. 5 months
  247. Finally picked a name for my itty one
  248. CNN Article on Dangers of Greenies
  249. I got him I got him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. Dog Food Article