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  1. 4 month old female puppy humping?
  2. Horrific horrible story
  3. We won a photo contest!
  4. chico's 1st vac
  5. ahhhh niko is marking
  6. How are your chis with other dogs?
  7. Some advice please
  8. Daddy or Mommy's baby?
  9. check out this site
  10. My google....
  11. back to vets again round 2
  12. Anyone Tried "The Honest Kitchen" Pet Foods?
  13. anyone breed near ky
  14. How cute is this?!
  15. a little humor for the day.
  16. back to the vets
  17. Chi websites
  18. makayla is so tiny
  19. I came home and found my baby dead today
  20. Happy Birthday Chili Dog!!
  21. IWAC!! Has your baby arrived yet?
  22. More Day!!
  23. Carmel got Spayed
  24. Website input
  25. doggles- i think i've seen it all now
  26. pompom -please give me a loving forever home!
  27. took my boy to the vet
  28. Had to take Lily to the vets today
  29. For those who have 3+ Dogs?
  30. nutro choice food vs orijen
  31. We may be losing another pup...
  32. OMG!!!! The most expensive Chi I have seen yet!!!
  33. HELP_ Does any1 know what it's called?
  34. Anyone who know this chihuahua site?
  35. What is the name of your chihuahua??
  36. general observations
  37. The dog whisperer
  38. Chihuahua chases suspect after stolen van crashes in Auburn
  39. NEWS for those who know CARMEL
  40. My Poor Lil' Guy!!!
  41. Am I fretting about nothing?
  42. Chis for Sale in Pet Shop!!!!!!
  43. Lily's weird eye vein - close up!
  44. Any tips for DIY clothes??
  45. Dog Booties
  46. What have you guys got your dog for Xmas?
  47. Kongs!
  48. I am so bothered by.......
  49. Inside Edition tonight
  50. scare of my life.
  51. minnie coming to london with me
  52. Chibi had a first tonight:-)
  53. I feel so bad...
  54. grrr
  55. I created an online town called Chiwawa!
  56. A very bad day/night
  57. Regarding Chi pics attention Molly and others!
  58. puppy :)
  59. Very Rare Dogs for X-mas Sale
  60. Good gracious, that's what it was!
  61. Speaking of timberwolf-which one?
  62. Timberwolf Formula Change
  63. TIny dog sweaters?
  64. Help - Toby is not feeling well
  65. boy or girl?
  66. kujo can't catch a break
  67. Another Chi!
  68. Chibis vet visit today.
  69. Its really starting to get to me.
  70. disheartened by the whole chihuahua search
  71. I Want!
  72. Chi Game
  73. question about chat room?
  74. slideshow
  75. Does anyone have a fawn chihuahua with a black mask?
  76. so cute, had to share!
  77. Why are some breeders so up themselves?!!!
  78. It's Pure Torture
  79. help Atchison Humane Society
  80. Went to the vet..
  81. Elderly chi's
  82. Thinking of names. Any ideas?
  83. May I ask a favour of you all
  84. I went to see a puppy yesterday...
  85. Omg!! I No Im Naughty Lol
  86. I'm getting a Chi pup :-)
  87. Priya Broke leg...again
  88. OMG!! soooooooo upset!
  89. Hi all, I've missed you!
  90. Getting a puppy - advice and help!
  91. Cool site I wanted to share
  92. Who buys treats online?
  93. youtube video of smallest and tallest dog in the world
  94. Chi or Kitten or Chi/kitten?
  95. Donate free Nutro dog food to animal shelters
  96. I have a Longdog :/
  97. i got a bargain
  98. Coloring from puppy to adult
  99. Finally
  100. Some people don't deserve a dog...
  101. Happy birthday Rosie.......
  102. [NEWS] Old dog, new home
  103. Chi Breeder and Showing Books
  104. Zoey-Spay
  105. Dog aggressive chi-mix foster
  106. [NEWS] Smallest and Largest Dogs in the World Meet
  107. Homemade dog treat recipes
  108. kujo was attacked!
  109. weighloss wonders!!
  110. Anybody live near Marion SC?
  111. Secret Santa for Pets
  112. minnie is attending dog training
  113. Toothpaste recall
  114. Your Chis fave toy?
  115. Watch out for eagles!!!
  116. Question about size....
  117. Humping Problem
  118. Thank you!!
  119. Please!!
  120. How many of you........
  121. Disappointing News
  122. makes me sad.
  123. chi books
  124. Aww look
  125. Nightmare before christmas scares the dog?!
  126. Scary encounter … and a decision was made!
  127. dakota's first hol!!
  128. I dont have a dog but brought this...
  129. Is anyone else sick of the old " Chihuahuas are mean dogs" comments?
  130. 1 cent doggie shoes!
  131. Green eyed chis
  132. What is Your Dog's Biological Age?
  133. well kujo is at the vets
  134. The funniest scam ad ive read!
  135. Fender's Cold
  136. Very Worried
  137. Abby's a Butterball
  138. I need help. I may have to sell my puppy things are so bad
  139. Curious???
  140. I'm adding a new girl to my crew.....
  141. Minnie is home!!!!! [story here]
  142. Transformers & the chi
  143. Can we help this chihuahua?
  144. **Update** I got her!!
  145. Pebbles wanted to say hi!
  146. Scam
  147. When minnie comes home next week...
  148. Chis and digging?
  149. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!
  150. 2 legged Chi found in the woods...
  151. Potty Pads at Walgreens
  152. little Dakota's new hobby lol
  153. southend on sea chi meet up
  154. I have too many chis
  155. Happy Birthday Guinness!!
  156. What is your Chis fur like?
  157. Finally decided on a name for the baby
  158. chihuahuas and large breed dogs
  159. Help Please
  160. Kentucky Pooch Named World's Smallest Dog
  161. two compared to one?
  162. Please vote for my girls
  163. I wanted to share a tip from my vet
  164. The difference in personalities.
  165. Macho Tuco's Mom: test results on seizure?
  166. does this look like a real chihuahua to you?
  167. Spot Bot
  168. animal communicator
  169. Happy Birthday Zero!!
  170. Taking dog into USA
  171. Nylabone Chaos
  172. I was attacked by a pack of 13 Chis today!!
  173. she’s not that big on Wellness ....
  174. Keep your fingers crossed for me
  175. Don't use Sargents!!!
  176. Hypoglycemia attack this morning!!!!
  177. Is your chihuahua afraid of car rides?
  178. pronouncing the word chihuahua
  179. Kat....come here please..
  180. Major scare this evening:-(
  181. Yoshi's Mom: name for your new puppy?
  182. Poco's getting fat
  183. A food my dogs love finally
  184. Eyes what wrong?? respond soon!!
  185. Good Chi Books
  186. Another treat recall
  187. I think a bird or hawk tried to get my Stewie!
  188. Long Or Smooth Coats?
  189. how much vaccine cost ?
  190. Raw Food Recall
  191. Fender's a Model
  192. vote 4 Princess and Pearl
  193. Interesting little noises
  194. Not for the faint hearted - a creepy experiment :/
  195. This is just Horrible!!!
  196. Another recall
  197. Win a Painting of YOUR Chihuahua
  198. Harness over a coat for cold weather?
  199. Strollers
  200. Choosing a name?
  201. NY Times article - Published Sunday, September 2, 2007
  202. Happy birthday Fynn......
  203. Bella was sick yesterday
  204. New Dilema
  205. My chi dreams didn't happened
  206. Poor Dakota
  207. OMG! I have a rare exotic!!
  208. dog treats removed
  209. Update on the teeny tiny chi baby I wanted
  210. Waiting...Ohh the wait
  211. Fenders Tooth
  212. i now have 4
  213. Will she remain this way ? …
  214. No one's violating my puppy!
  215. Ideas to raise money for minnie
  216. Mia's tortured
  217. We thought Max was going to die today !!
  218. How to name her? …
  219. I had to rehome Kokomo
  220. very upset as dont know if i can take minnie with me
  221. Fender's sick
  222. Itty Bitty Clothes?
  223. amazing chi video!
  224. I saw the tiniest chi baby today
  225. OMG! I might be getting a chi puppy!
  226. Question on fostering a chihuahua
  227. rainey got her last vaccation
  228. Happy Birthday, Rylie!
  229. Cutting your chi's nails
  230. Finally got another chi!
  231. Scored some great sale stuff the other day!
  232. The Broom
  233. Roxy....
  234. Poor Roxy
  235. orijen...
  236. Guess Who's Allowed To Get A Puppy?
  237. Stop Puppymills Video
  238. Long time no see!!
  239. Take A Look At This Website
  240. Question
  241. I want this dog...
  242. Calling Alisha!!!!
  243. hi everyone
  244. My Crier went to the vet
  245. Ollie's a DAD!!!!!!
  246. More dog food recalls
  247. Peanut is gone
  248. Feeling foolish at the emegency vet last night...
  249. Puppy Question
  250. In QDS,Pretty collars and leads.......