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  1. My baby is growing up!!
  2. Big dogs
  3. Mylo hates puppies!?
  4. dog stranded on a highway
  5. What is your chi doing....
  6. chi killed
  7. what happen to pet store puppies?
  8. Drama on Vaccine Day!!!!
  9. Sad little girl.
  10. Mia being goofy again
  11. Just how cute can they get?
  12. Do you think this name is too long for a dog to learn?
  13. Flying dog
  14. It must be puppy season.
  15. Rabies vaccines recalled
  16. Ivan's story
  17. Comment on size
  18. Rip Off Artist
  19. Vacuum Poo
  20. Swollen anal glands?...sigh, Pee-Wee just had too much going on...
  21. dog custody battle
  22. Need a Name!!
  23. question..weeing non stop on walks...
  24. raining day
  25. Chi kisses
  26. My Poor Lilo..*cries*
  27. Its Rockys Birthday!
  28. OH my!!!
  29. help please :(
  30. Pee-Wee's surgery is coming soon...nervous :(
  31. Pets and swimming pools
  32. My poor poor baby boy!!!!
  33. A note on Puppy Mills. Not for the weak hearted
  34. Is my picture to big
  35. chis peeing in businesses
  36. Grrr, naughty Yoshi!!!
  37. Chihuahua meet in London
  38. Hershey 1 yr Old Today!
  39. Unbelievable!!
  40. Newbie needs help naming new boypuppy
  41. Quirky Chis
  42. gotta love chihuahua critics
  43. Today is my baby's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Arg!
  45. Grr, some people ...
  46. Back from the trip - Pee-Wee did great! & INFO for traveling with pet
  47. Ten Commandments for Pets; from a Pet's point of view
  48. 8 year old retired Champion seeking new home
  49. anyone race their chihuahuas?
  50. Name for My Bone White Chi...
  51. Psychiatric Service dog
  52. VERY greedy girl
  53. my chauncey ate a nail- I think!
  54. Chis and Babies?
  55. When awake all he wants to do it bite and chew my and my hair!
  56. JoJo IS TO a chihuahua!
  57. Don't know what to think!!
  58. Anxious!
  59. Big problem....
  60. Sad Question but what do when our Chi passes the bridge?
  61. BYBs at it again...
  62. Does your chi(s) do anything funny to tip you off that they are up to no good?
  63. Ackward stage
  64. question aboot chi ears...
  65. The babies slept in their bed ALL NIGHT!!!!!
  66. We've got a howler!!! :)
  67. The funniest thing ever
  68. Logan had the fright of his life!
  69. Jamoka as a model
  70. designer dogs magazine
  71. Any Word Yet, Julie?
  72. Inguinal Hernia
  73. i learned something new about frontline today
  74. JoJo is a midnight cheat!
  75. Chihuahua Adoption
  76. About puppy mills. I know one.
  77. Whos says dogs cant smile!! :D
  78. Isn't that a bit childish??
  79. Bella's first vet visit
  80. Doggy-druff!
  81. Chi Books (and about heat pants lol)
  82. I get to teach puppy class!!!
  83. More sad news from our house....
  84. Look at the little england top on pet tv
  85. chi that won't eat!!
  86. Wet Food Help
  87. Hi!
  88. Looking for relations!! Pedigree names...
  89. Gracie's been sick...
  90. What is that??
  91. Mange!
  92. Bad news for Kylie...*cry*
  93. chihuahua race sponsor
  94. Teacup Dilema...solved?
  95. HEY alisha! OMGosh :)
  96. Im frustrated.....
  97. Just got a call from the vet
  98. minnie is going to a casting call
  99. Can someone make me a siggy????
  100. I did it!!
  101. Calypso has entered the building....
  102. Gizmo sings :)
  103. Quote
  104. What do your Chi's dream about?
  105. Thanks BBC - its already started!!
  106. whats wrong???
  107. BBC Programme - Want to complain???
  108. Complain to the BBC
  109. Damnit
  110. Wind up chis wilkinsons
  111. BBC1's I want it now
  112. Omgomgomg?!?!?!?!?1
  113. I think I'm getting another Chi today!!!!!
  114. Same ol' complaint...
  115. Since no one answered
  116. Anyone carry their chi in pet backpack?
  117. Sonni is just not working for me...
  118. She was watching it with me
  119. Fuego is such a ham! Cute story-gotta share...
  120. Are scabs after rabies shots normal?
  121. I can't believe this little dog
  122. Pearl for Pampered Pup Vote
  123. 2 months!
  124. So why doesn't she like baths more?
  125. She barked at me!
  126. Snoring
  127. Here it is...POST #200!!!!
  128. 1st time at puppy kindergarten, not so good
  129. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
  130. Extendable lead
  131. Inquiring Minds Want To Know...
  132. attending puppy education
  133. Does your Chi do this?
  134. Birthday cake
  135. Who or what does your chi remind you of?
  136. Lola's second vacc. and a food question
  137. This is sooo wierd O_o I'm starting to think Yoshi is a freak
  138. Tiny was soooo funny last night
  139. Does anyone else feel this way?
  140. Pink Poodle O_o
  141. Pee-Wee got microchipped... :)
  142. First Birthday what should i do?
  143. we have had our 1st baby
  144. Tricks
  145. What do you think?
  146. Quote for today
  147. How duz ya doggie play?
  148. how in the world??
  149. Question on vaccine rashes!!!! Help!
  150. Oscar's neuter is tomorrow=-(
  151. Afraid of Heights
  152. Pool
  153. This is a horrible article, but so bizarre I had to post.
  154. OMG! Story on CNN....
  155. I guess this is what happens to byb's
  156. My My she was Good
  157. Gizmo's shots today
  158. So why did you get a chi?
  159. Tia had a Seizure :(
  160. possible third chi!!!
  161. Mia barks
  162. Lots of Chicken Soup
  163. Retractable Leash
  164. Cute but sad too...
  165. i know this is cheesy...
  166. Yesterday at the vet
  167. Big scare
  168. Fuego's First Wind Storm....
  169. Update on Buttercup
  170. Scruffy has an op tomorrow
  171. Kye was sick last night...
  172. She always puts her butt on me...
  173. What do you think of her?
  174. So escited.
  175. Michigan Chi Owners
  176. Ive had all I can take & Im done!!
  177. Pee-Wee's about to take his first flight
  178. Familiar with AAFCO?
  179. Ticks!!
  180. Your kidding right??
  181. JoJo is a big boy..
  182. What Clever stuff does your dog do?
  183. My vet is warning people around here ...
  184. What to do with old food
  185. collar charms...
  186. Ladies check it out~~~
  187. Missing my pups
  188. Precious wants you to vote for her please remove the extra postings
  189. My poor baby
  190. Very Random but funny!
  191. Lola's day at the field
  192. OMG...Tequila got 2nd place in Chihuahua Race
  193. I hate other people "raising" Carl
  194. Chihuahua adopts baby chick ^_^ So cute
  195. tummy problems again
  196. Who suggested those puppia harnesses?
  197. Dallas Chihuahua Races
  198. Would you consider?
  199. Carl's Baby Sister Almost Died!!!
  200. Go get a tissue,read til end......
  201. Hey any good sites that sell Innova?
  202. Chi races tomorrow in Miami?
  203. Hey Courtney!
  204. how does your family members spoil for baby/ies?
  205. be careful!
  206. floppy ear syndrome?
  207. Dog play... questions
  208. Today is Jax's B-day!
  209. Lump???
  210. Mia's a Big Girl
  211. Jassy's Big Day
  212. Please vote for my dog!
  213. Aggression Issues
  214. update on pearl
  215. OMG vet vent
  216. Exercise
  217. LaLa is growing up!
  218. Harley staying out today
  219. My chi attacked a bullmastiff
  220. Some people...
  221. Crazy man at the park >_<
  222. What's your Chi's worst habbit?
  223. Carl's Destroying all his toys!!
  224. i gave kujo a boo boo!!
  225. My search for a baby Chi...
  226. She wants to eat grass all the time!
  227. Dont Buy PetShop Puppies;Heres Why:
  228. Tequila's 3rd Birthday!
  229. Very Sad News
  230. Oscar went to the vet today!
  231. Introducing a 2nd chi into the house
  232. Pooch on Spin City
  233. Chi prices keep going up in Canada...
  234. What do make of this
  235. Triny is going to be a mummy....
  236. Do your chi's do these kinds of things..
  237. Mia oh my
  238. Rainbow is using the doggy door- yea!!!
  239. I CaN SuPpLy A PeRfEcT NaMe 4 Ur ChI!
  240. Chihuahua Names
  241. girl or boy chi?
  242. Average Weight...
  243. really annoying
  244. Very rare Chinese Chihuahua......
  245. Gooby harness?
  246. Yoshi's odd habits
  247. Edited Marley's Eye.....
  248. Royal Canin Beauty 26 formula
  249. Sara travels America!
  250. Puppymill In Texas busted.