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  1. Thank you terri!!!
  2. Signature Picture Issues
  3. Can i please have one too?
  4. pitapata ticker question?
  5. my new siggy!!!
  6. can someone
  7. siggy please?
  8. Time to change my X-Mas siggy.Lol! Anyone up for it?
  9. Invitations
  10. how do i put my pets detail on ere
  11. Can someone please make me a siggy?
  12. Could some1 kindly make me a siggy?
  13. Help?
  14. new spring siggy of Elmo please!
  15. I need help girls :)
  16. Hope this isn't against the rules...
  17. Pls can someone make me a new signature
  18. How to know siggy size??
  19. best place to create siggy's!
  20. soo.
  21. New Siggy Please?
  22. Can I have a new sig please
  23. Can anyone do me a signature
  24. Siggy size problem
  25. Would someone make me a siggy please?
  26. Siggys
  27. Just making sure this siggy is ok
  28. Photoshop site
  29. Could some one make me a siggy pls pls pls pls
  30. Could someone make me a siggy...please?
  31. A new siggy pretty, pretty please! :D
  32. Demented when it comes to graphics and files and all that junk....
  33. Signature
  34. Calliope & Triton Siggy
  35. Siggy? Siggy for the graphically challenged...please??
  36. I am graphically challenged...
  37. Scrap Kits
  38. Could I have a siggy please.
  39. could I get a new christmas siggy of elmo please?
  40. Art In General XD
  41. Thanks Small But Mighty
  42. Can some make me a Signature please !
  43. Xmas Graphics
  44. Making Siggys.
  45. can someone plese make me a sig.. mine looks rubbish
  46. Christmas siggy
  47. new siggy please of bambi and buster!
  48. Thank you mandy
  49. I'm making siggys again! For Christmas!!!
  50. Anyone kind enough to make me a..?
  51. Can someone make me a Winter Siggy?
  52. Just made my siggy!
  53. I made my siggy!
  54. Made my own siggy pic -- It was fun!
  55. Would someone be kind enough to make a siggy for Princess Leia Please?
  56. Siggy for Willy
  57. Halloween Siggy for me?? Please
  58. Anyone Kind Enough To Make Me A Siggy?
  59. Halloween siggy
  60. i would love a halloween siggy
  61. could someone please please make me a siggy
  62. Please could someone make me a siggy?
  63. how do you?????
  64. Would love a Siggy!
  65. Anyone Want a Siggy?
  66. New Siggy for me pretty please
  67. would anyone be willing to make me a siggy please?
  68. Anyone with over 75 posts want a siggy
  69. I want a siggy!
  70. could any of you talented ladies make me a new siggy?
  71. please make me a siggy!!!!!
  72. new siggie
  73. Cracked the siggy thing!
  74. siggy please!
  75. Easy sigs for us dummies who haven't posted 75 times yet.
  76. I need a signature, any helpers please?
  77. Help with avatar signature pic
  78. Siggy?
  79. Olive told me she wants a siggy
  80. can someone make me a siggy?
  81. Siggy Needed If possible
  82. ****MAKING****Avatars, ANIMATED!
  83. Looking for Cool Siggy!
  84. test
  85. hi is anyone willing to make me a siggy
  86. Help age ticker?
  87. Considering a new siggy....
  88. 3D Animated Sigs
  89. Profile Pic ????
  90. Forum Graphics
  91. Can i have a siggy?
  92. Is my siggy pic huge?
  93. Can I get a Sig?
  94. My Siggy Gallery
  95. I need a new one...again...
  96. Does anyone want to make me a siggy? Pretty Please :)
  97. Chloe wants a new siggy
  98. Cute signature
  99. Anyone Interested in creating a new siggy for me?
  100. please please please
  101. Siggy Please
  102. cant wait to get a siggy
  103. Guess who finally made 75 posts!
  104. need help in choosing my new siggy
  105. Can I get a siggie?
  106. New Siggy
  107. I need a new sig
  108. how do i add a pitapata to my profile
  109. Thank You Hollysmom
  110. help need a new siggy
  111. GREAT THANKS to Tricia for my siggy
  112. A siggy for Luna and me...more than mild frustration!
  113. Can some one....
  114. Could i have a Siggy please :)
  115. Lookie what I made!!
  116. How to load your siggy!
  117. Size matters!
  118. Test run for my new siggy.
  119. Does anyone want a siggy?
  120. siggy??
  121. Would it possible to have a signature?
  122. My siggie has vanished? Could someone make me a new one?
  123. siggy time!
  124. stupid question
  125. Help with siggy??
  126. Could anyone tell me how to....
  127. sig
  128. What Do You
  129. Can someone make me a siggy please
  130. Could some one....
  131. Would anyone mind making me a new siggy?
  132. Blinkie making volunteer for Chi ppl?
  133. new siggie Please
  134. Does Anyone Know?
  135. Siggy, pretty please?
  136. Could anyone help please ..?
  137. Siggy please?
  138. Siggy please??!?
  139. Would anyone....
  140. Siggy's
  141. can anyone offer advice?
  142. Just a question
  143. Well, its time... :)
  144. Siggy please??
  145. How do I get a siggy??
  146. Siggy Please
  147. Siggy makers .....
  148. Can I get a new siggie, please?
  149. What pics do you need?
  150. New Siggy for Shia? :)
  151. Can some one be kind and make me a Banner&AVI
  152. Would anyone be so kind??..
  153. could anyone make me a new siggy?
  154. Business card and website Logo
  155. Does anyone want to make me a siggy?:)
  156. could someone please
  157. Would anybody want to make a siggy ...
  158. Does anyone know..
  159. Please would someone???....
  160. Hello I am New!!!
  161. New Siggy
  162. how do you do it ??
  163. could anyone make me a signature?
  164. Yeay new background!
  165. Omg
  166. I wanna make a siggy for you!
  167. Looking for a kindhearted (siggy makin) soul
  168. Can someone please....
  169. YAY, got a siggie up!
  170. does anyone mind...
  171. Any one kind enough?
  172. The last one! (Katie!)
  173. Can Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 make siggys
  174. I'm up for making some signatures
  175. Siggy request
  176. photoshop help
  177. siggy question
  178. Omgosh Katie Come Here :dd
  179. Sig request
  180. Hey brightonbabe!
  181. animated avatars?
  182. Thanks to Poppy for my siggy!!
  183. would someone be so kind....
  184. new siggy?
  185. Program
  186. Would someone mind making me a siggy?
  187. Can I have a new siggy? Please!
  188. Testing...
  189. In need of a cute siggy!
  190. Siggy for Minky Moo and Annabelle Pretty Please?
  191. It's not working!
  192. thank you pompom
  193. can you see my new siggy??
  194. Anyone want a signature?
  195. siggy please
  196. JEn Thanks for the giggle!
  197. Jen
  198. heart frames
  199. Is anyone bored enough to make me a siggy? :)
  200. The babies art
  201. Could I have a siggy, pretty please?
  202. New Siggy Please?
  203. *SIMPLE SIGGIES* (learn how to make siggies & glitter)
  204. Have a question about a siggy?
  205. help
  206. for you're homepage
  207. hollysmommy, glitter ;)
  208. gifs chihuahua
  209. Can Somebody make me a new siggy???
  210. Can someone make me a siggy?
  211. siggy.. pretty please.
  212. Siggy Please
  213. new siggy.. pretty please
  214. Pretty Please ..... Siggy for Fran?????
  215. could anyone help?
  216. Jen may I ask?
  217. my first siggy
  218. My new siggy
  219. Jen
  220. If anyone wants a siggy, i'd be happy to try!
  221. Jen or Jessie? or anyone good with photoshop.. lol !!
  222. Katie
  223. Could somebody make me a Siggy
  224. Lin
  225. Could anyone help me post my siggy up?
  226. My Rylie Drawing
  227. ipod nano
  228. can someone make me a siggy please!!!!!!
  229. Lin
  230. Modify Existing Siggy??
  231. Can I please have someone make me a siggy?
  232. may I ask please?
  233. Where can I find glitter gifs?
  234. siggies and tickers!
  235. Cartoon-Tyson!
  236. If anyone could make me a siggy i would really appreciate it!
  237. Raaaaaah
  238. I will make Siggies :)
  239. i want 1!
  240. New Siggy!!!
  241. My new
  242. Anyone want a signature?
  243. Feel stupid asking this...
  244. Cartoon-Daisy!
  245. Cartoon Jack :)
  246. Help someone? Siggy problem
  247. iTeddy and iWoody
  248. help please i am trying to fix this pic
  249. Jen and Kari
  250. Anyone want a siggy...