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  1. Someome PLEASE help this little guy! =(
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  13. las vegas
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  16. I found a shelter with tons!
  17. 2 Smooth Coats (UK)
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  19. 72 Chi's, etc.. seized and are in need of homes...
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  21. Advice please
  22. Just went to Petsmart, In Whittier CA. Adopted a male fawn chi two years old.
  23. URGENT help needed for Sparky
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  26. Oldie Chiuhua Girl Needs Home...
  27. Are you involved with Chihuahua Rescue?
  28. looking to rescue or rehome
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  30. Anyone in Florida looking for a cutie?
  31. Websites
  32. Help needed! Eight year old, obese, chi X for adoption.
  33. 8 yr old female Chi needing a home, NC
  34. Are rescue groups too picky?
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  39. chi/min pin mix $200
  40. Little chi boy at many tears needs a new home (UK)
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  43. Animal Rescue In Saudi
  44. Our Adoption/Rescue Story:
  45. Looking for orphan puppies to fill Misty's void
  46. NC members please read!
  47. Help Please
  48. Before and after
  49. Dogs in Danger/Fostering/need advice
  50. NC and surrounding members Please Read!!
  51. Site to help Chi rescuers?
  52. Free Chihuahuas to good home ..Heres the sister to the boy i posted about
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  54. New Zealand 'Rescue Home' available.
  55. loving parents in search of chihuahua
  56. Cincinnati OH - Male stray rescued Chihuahua needs a home
  57. rescue close to Ohio?
  58. help in ohio (surrounding areas as well)
  59. Would like to rehome
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  64. Chi needs home.
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  66. Miami Rescues
  67. Two more in LA...
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  73. Can you help?
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  77. HELP, My friend needs a good home for his retriver/shepard mix dog named Nala
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  83. If anyone can help here somehow it would be great...
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  92. "Elvis" available in Barrington IL
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  96. chihuahua rescue will now be read only
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  104. Do not adopt
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  109. Tell us about your adoption stories :)
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