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  51. Coach
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  129. So true!
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  169. SEAACA keeps complaints confidential right?
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  178. CFC-Combined Federal Campaign
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  182. Puppy Mills Banned in Toronto
  183. im adopting!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Anyone a volunteer in rescue groups?
  185. Rocky Mountain Dog Rescue
  186. Chi - Poodle mix, so cute at shelter in KS!
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  189. I am so tempted
  190. rescued 'pedigree' but now have doubts?
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  192. I know that this is the WRONG place to get talked out of another baby, but...
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  215. How cute is she!!
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  218. These two are killing me =(
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  226. NC or Vicinity?
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  228. Pedro and Gracie
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  230. Australia nsw Chi in pound
  231. My Adoption Story, a tradgedy (for both of us) is what brought us together.
  232. is there a chihuahua rescue in cornwall?
  233. stumbled onto a Chi rescue
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  235. Adopt I am glad I did
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  239. This is so sad
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  246. Senior Male- Broken Arrow,Ok
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