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  1. CHihuahua matrilineal DNA comes directly from Techichis
  2. Interesting and scary about Foxtails and dogs
  3. The Whole Dog Journal
  4. Dogs Naturally Magazine
  5. Pet Car Seat Safety
  6. Chihuahua barking! Great read🐶
  7. 🐶😂🐾🍎🍜🍩🍰Yep this just about sums it up in my household!!
  8. 🐶🐱❤️Too sweet not to share
  9. Cute chi pillows on Hautelook
  10. Ten Reasons You Should Not Get A Chihuahua
  11. 🐶Does pet grooming need regulations?
  12. Great read! The Lepto vaccine
  13. 🐶 12 dog friendly stores and restaurants
  14. 🐶11 things humans do that dogs hate
  15. Gilt Pet Sale!!🐶
  16. Good article.
  17. Caring for your elderly chihuahua
  18. Great tips for dog owners!
  19. The difference between long and smooth coat chihuahua's
  20. 🐶Interpreting your chihuahua's body language
  21. Great tips! 🐶Chihuahua barking
  22. 🐶Fantastic read!🐶
  23. Japanese Legislation Gives New Meaning To “Till Death Do Us Part”
  24. 🐶😍😆Funny!
  25. 🐶10 biggest mistakes dog owners make
  26. 11 signs of aging 🐶
  27. 🐶10 most commonly stolen dog breeds
  28. "Any Dog Can Bite"
  29. Top 10 Animals That Attack Pets
  30. Experts Say Dominance-Based Techniques Contribute to Bites
  31. Check Your Bags
  32. 🌸💐🌿Poisonous household plants that can be toxic for your dog
  33. 🐶🍦🍩🍇Can my dog eat that?
  34. 🐶Secrets to good canine health
  35. 🐶DIY dog shampoo! Interesting
  36. DIY home remedies. Great info!
  37. Dogs on the inside! Our canine friends can be life changers too!
  38. 😊If you're happy and you know it! 🐶So does your dog!
  39. 💩The poop scoop truth!
  40. Daily Treat: Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language Commands
  41. Abandoned Two-Legged Chihuahua Zooms into Forever Home
  42. This is a Great Story
  43. Micro -Chip Your Fur-Baby
  44. 3-Legged Chihuahua Tries On Adorable Doll Hand Just For Funsies
  45. Another Bird of prey incident in the news...
  46. Just came across this article
  47. Must see, unbelievable!!!!
  48. Stolen Birmingham chihuahua puppies reunited with their mum
  49. 5 Dogs, Including Prize-Winning Chihuahua Puppy, Xena, Stolen
  50. The Daily Treat: Tiny Chihuahua Saves Family from House Fire
  51. PetSmart, Petco to stop selling dog and cat treats made in China
  52. Chihuahua Puppy Rescued from Drain
  53. Well known NC Breeder/Exhibitor of Chihuahuas House fire
  54. Blind Chihuahua rescued, nursed to health
  55. New York Woman Leaves $100,000 to Her Chihuahua
  56. Car Seats- why every owner should have one
  57. Chihuahua puppy found in bag in Gulf View Square Mall bathroom stall
  58. Did anyone see that article about the chihuahua drug dog?
  59. Chihuahua gives away owner after burglary at San Antonio restaurant
  60. Chihuahua Possibly Fed Sewing Needles Needs New Home
  61. Ugh! Anyone in China?
  62. Dachshund doesn't like chi
  63. 6 Ways To Properly Clean Dog Ears
  64. A Touching Story
  65. Nature's Variety Recall Raw
  66. A great foundation and a sweet/sad story
  67. Coyote Attacks Chihuahua =(
  68. Abandoned pit bull's best pal is a Chihuahua
  69. Albuquerque Chihuahua to get bionic paw
  70. Wellness sm breed recall
  71. "Doggupy" Movement for Better Dog Food
  72. Chihuahua saves men's life.
  73. I understand now!
  74. Color Dilution Alopecia Article
  75. Some Fun Facts About Dogs :)
  76. 1.2 oz chi mix
  77. Rescue Dog Adopts Two Kittens In Need Of Care
  78. Chi Inspiration
  79. Craiglist warning for pets
  80. Dogs siezed in Venice Florida *warning*
  81. behavior problems
  82. Interesting "dog" article.
  83. Your opinion ..on this
  84. "Dead" Dog Not Dead
  85. so....chihuahuas were used as a source of food...?
  86. Is my puppy too passive?
  87. This broke my heart
  88. this poor baby :(
  89. Really interesting... DOG pack, vs Wolf pack
  90. Bred for looks, born to suffer
  91. Watch this its too sweet.
  92. Chihuahua of the Baskervilles???
  93. Found this "Disgusting" news article
  94. Ten signs your dog may be spoiled
  95. Who could do such a thing?!
  96. Summer Safety for Dogs
  97. How can someone do this :'(
  98. FDA Says No Bones?
  99. OMG this is so sad
  100. Chi x CC
  101. This makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Article - Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas
  103. Colorado springs CPR on Chi
  104. eewww stuffed chi
  105. owls!
  106. Another sad advert :(
  107. So sad for our beautiful Breed
  108. Awwww, Chihuahua raises kittens =)
  109. Chi mix saved from house fire
  110. Chihuahua police dog!
  111. 38 Dogs rescued, most chi's
  112. Woke up to this on my local news today
  113. Neglected Chis in Ohio
  114. Poor furbaby...Susie's Law needs to be used!
  115. Need a New forum with home made recipes or our little ones
  116. Chihuahua survives parvo
  117. Chihuahua attacked by Coyote/Pit Bulls save it!
  118. "Council blow £7k on dog park"
  119. Chihuahua takes on black bear
  120. dog icecream van in london...
  121. nunu owned by Hurley dies :(
  122. Crating Dogs for Sleep
  123. the reason why dogs eat grass
  124. A question about this article
  125. Safe Dog Toys
  126. Your Dog Needs more than JUST FAST FOOD to THRIVE!
  127. RAW MEATY BONES are an Integral Part of a Healthy, Raw Food Diet
  128. Chihuahua hero
  129. Eulogy of The Dog
  130. Interesting article "Human/Canine Bond
  131. nunu = hurley from LOST chi-dachshund
  132. pooch mansion (i want this!) LOL
  133. whats your opinion about this article??
  134. It's a Dog's Life for Kittens
  135. man battered dog to death with baseball bat :(
  136. Chi Death...
  137. Awww! Remember Tiny dancer?
  138. A very sweet story of Wheely Willie
  139. Dog Kicker *Warning: graphic*
  140. What is a back yard breeder (BYB)?
  141. Overlaod of Chi's in Ca./ Los Angeles
  142. Seven show dogs die after being left in a van
  143. Newsletter from my Vet
  144. Chi Bashing
  145. Progressive Insurance
  146. Attempted Chi snatching
  147. 18 Chihuahuas goes walking
  148. The Taco Bell Dog Dies
  149. oh dear oh deaR
  150. Hope this is the right place to post this lol :)
  151. Dodges new game
  152. google e-book chi books
  153. Little Lucy And Friends.. Kids' books
  154. Chihuahuas = Mischief Makers?!
  155. a BYB story with a happy ending..
  156. Lots of Great Chihuahua Info
  157. Another tragic story, From my town
  158. Another dog food recall (voluntary)
  159. A happy story: Two chis rescued from Kuwait, flown to Arizona
  160. A Truly Tragic Story. Please do not read if you are very sensitive. Read with caution
  161. Great Danes and Chihuahuas are the most destructive dogs
  162. Woman searching for Chihuahua shoots, wounds two people in Tulsa
  163. Happy chi poems!!!!!
  164. Heart Chihuahua- Japan
  165. Martha Stewart's Chi segment ready to watch
  166. Please Read!!!!
  167. Article on Dangerous foods
  168. Chihuahuas in NEWSWEEK!
  169. Poem
  170. Please Read
  171. A new strain of Parvo
  172. largest and smallest dogs
  173. Smallest dog
  174. Chihuahua Breeding article I wrote
  175. What food are NOT packaged at Menu
  176. When I grow old with my dogs
  177. Responsible Breeders versus Pet Stores
  178. Important Info: K-9 Advantix
  179. Poisonous Household Items
  180. Cruelty to Animals
  181. Twiglet In The Newspaper
  182. Paris trades Tinkerbell in for smaller dog
  183. Prolapse tear gland-Common in Chihuahuas
  184. collasped trachea
  185. Hartz To Pull Products Following Pet Deaths
  186. Pet Insurance May Not Cover Fido's Needs
  187. Killing Our Pets With Every Meal
  188. How to test for a BYB comparison chart.
  189. Canine Diseases
  190. Veterinary Q & A: Holiday Eating and Pets
  191. Pet Information/Swiffer Wetjet
  192. hydrocephalus article:
  193. Mange
  194. 10 Things Your Veterinarian Won't Tell You
  195. Mad Cow Disease in Dogs
  196. Puppy Needs
  197. Pound seizures
  198. Kennel Cough
  199. reverse sneezing article
  200. state by state puppy lemon laws!
  201. The ABC'S Of Puppy Care
  202. Storms/fireworks and your chi
  203. no deerheads?
  204. Heat Stroke
  205. Poisonious Plants
  206. Parvo virus
  207. info on parasiticides (revolution, frontline etc) REPOST
  208. ADVICE On Heartworm and Flea Products
  210. zoonotic diseases
  211. helpful article on introducing dogs
  212. Chihuahuas and Leptovirus
  213. The affects of Rimadyl what YOU should know!!!!!
  214. Teacup chihuahuas
  215. Article on seizures
  216. Critical periods in puppy development