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: Chihuahua Diet and Nutrition

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  1. Is corn really bad for dogs?
  2. Unable to buy good dog food
  3. Question about ZP and Salmon Oil
  4. Hi-Tek Naturals
  5. OMG she ate all her food
  6. Missing Link causing loose stools, or Acana? Both?
  7. WHERE Do You Buy Your ZiwiPeak and How Much Do You Pay......
  8. Fromm question please
  9. I love this articl from dog food advisor
  10. List Of Foods Toxic To Dogs
  11. First time with a real bone!
  12. New grain free dog food available, anyone heard of these??
  13. Aunty Tracy
  14. Phasing in Acana
  15. Purina ONE BeyOnd
  16. Can I do this ?
  17. The best news! LOL
  18. Need a new dog food for Holly
  19. Acana Regionals- which one?!
  20. Zuchini
  21. Still can't handle his food
  22. need help asap!
  23. New warning about Sweet Potato Treats!
  24. sneaky girl
  25. Canine caviar Food???
  26. Weighing or measuring food?
  27. Feeding help
  28. Making the transition to ZP
  29. Could Someone Help Me Convert This?
  30. What to add to Roxy's diet?
  31. Ziwipeak
  32. help me set up the perfect diet
  33. The irony of grain-free kibble in our household
  34. Won't Eat Dry Food
  35. fish oil
  36. How Much To Feed A 4 lb 6 month old?
  37. RECALL! Please read if you feed NATURE'S VARIETY!
  38. food for Bonnie
  39. From puppy to adult food?
  40. bullysticks ok for tiny chihuahuas
  41. Wellness Core new small breed formula
  42. Warning about dog food recall in US
  43. Am I the only one/ Raw Food Questions
  44. TOTW, Switching, & Trigger's Stomach
  45. Darwin's raw
  46. Is frozen bad?
  47. I think Odie needs a diet change
  48. Natures varieties
  49. Don't know where to start!
  50. training treats
  51. whats best to feed my 8 week old pup
  52. Chloe is a little piglet.
  53. warning on selenium in dog food
  54. Help! My Mama is torturing me!!
  55. TOTW, Artemis or EVO?
  56. when do you suggest cutting back from puppy portion sizes?
  57. Acana feeders please
  58. Quick question for those who use Nupro
  59. For those who feed Acana. Changes coming!
  60. Well it's Lulu and Gidget 1 - Tina 0
  61. Is she just being stubborn?
  62. Nupro in UK ??
  63. First heart
  64. switching from a #1 food to a #5 rated food
  65. Half Price Fromms deal ... buy one get one free
  66. Ideas on boosting your dog's immune system?
  67. Question on dog food
  68. bladder bullysticks
  69. Doggy Sitter Won't Feed Diet
  70. really need some diet advice
  71. Which canned food do you feed?
  72. Will zp help anal glands
  73. Ziwipeak
  74. Cow Hooves?
  75. Treats
  76. Whole Earth Farms
  77. opinions on this food
  78. Dog food for both puppy and adult?
  79. In the words of the great Beatles, I "...need a little help from my friends."
  80. How often do you feed your Chi?
  81. Ziwipeak & Loose Stools?
  82. Raw VS. Acana help!
  83. Bad gas with Orijen puppy
  84. Raw going well but I have a ?
  85. Royal Canin, What do u think?
  86. Food Question. Please Help!
  87. not a breakfast doggy
  88. How long is wet ZP good
  89. Should I feed my small breed pup grain free or start out assuming he has no allergies
  90. Best online place for food
  91. Canadian Naturals your opinon please
  92. Fish Oil Tips & Suggestions
  93. Switching diet question
  94. how high of a protein ?
  95. Oh what to do?
  96. Rosemary in foods
  97. Potential Food Allergy
  98. thoughts?
  99. Losing Weight?
  100. Congestive Heart Failure
  101. Salmonella
  102. Diamond corrected brands and recalled codes. Summary inside.
  103. Canidae added to recall list.
  104. Just Got E-mail Recall on Wellness Puppy GRR!!!
  105. Natural Balance recall now
  106. TOTW now recalled
  107. Chewys
  108. Best place to buy antlers????
  109. Acana feeders, I have a ?
  110. Diamond puppy formula now recalled - 4/30/12
  111. Tuna?
  112. New Recall
  113. Our Trip To Tractor Supply Co
  114. Blue Buffalo puppy
  115. Primal pet food
  116. help please with nature's variety grain free
  117. Diamond Puppy
  118. Diamond Naturals vs 4Health
  119. BIG difference!
  120. Considering home cooking
  121. A little help needed..
  122. Canine Carryouts?
  123. So Very, Very Angry at The RSPCA....
  124. This is the fourth time...
  125. Does anyone know..
  126. My mother drives me nuts!!!
  127. Has anyone bought Bully Sticks from Canine Concepts? Also where can I buy Acana?
  128. Diamond pet food recall results in plant closing. MANY brands could be affected!
  129. Homemade Treats, Meals and some Raw info (for meals or treats)
  130. Atten.. BRODY'SMOM...
  131. ALERT Vets warn of new treats from China poisoning dogs
  132. *Primal doggie food question...*
  133. ~~Dog Vitamins/and Supplements~~
  134. Diamond dog food recall, lamb and rice, for salmonella
  135. Weird Lil Habit
  136. Recipe for our pooches
  137. Convinced mom to switch Ember to better dog food.
  138. Ziwipeak Mystery Box!
  139. Fattening up super skinny.
  140. Chicken neck question
  141. Had anyone fed Natures Variety Raw
  142. Does anyone give there Chi's Sam's Yams??
  143. where to buy ZiwiPeak on European website?
  144. Hand feeding
  145. Did yall see Lulu and Gidget do a back flip?
  146. Pippi's And Tillie-Tot's Food Improvement !
  147. I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!
  148. How many times a day?
  149. Food suggestion
  150. Puppy eating woes
  151. Ziwipeak Feeding HELP
  152. Decided on Precise Holistic Complete Small Breed Puppy.... But I Need Your Help!
  153. Venison and fish ZP
  154. New Dog Food!
  155. An Update on Gracie and Pepe
  156. Opinions on Science Diet Hill's Small & Toy Breed Kibble
  157. Update on Bailey
  158. Skinny Chihuahua
  159. K9 Natural (NZ) vs. ZiwiPeak (NZ)
  160. Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast” Documentary
  161. am i just being paranoid, ur advice is needed.
  162. Yet Another ZP inquiry
  163. Dog food help please
  164. Raw is just not for Chloe...
  165. Homemade Treats- Share your Recipes
  166. Amberleah lou lou now eats Raw
  167. Satin Balls
  168. Pawgevity- 2 chunky chis now being introduced to raw food
  169. Just 9 Days!!!!! :D
  170. chicken wing help!!
  171. Innova EVO
  172. Switched to Rachel Ray's Nutrish.
  173. grandma lucy's?
  174. ziwipeak AND Fromms
  175. should I switch foods?
  176. Prey diet questions
  177. Food Questions??
  178. Bought a Natural health book for dogs and cats
  179. Too big of kibbles or disliking flavor?
  180. Some questions :)
  181. A Few Questions About Natural Balance
  182. Elk antlers
  183. How much and how often
  184. ZiwiPeak ZP as a topper
  185. Oops o.O
  186. Venison
  187. Dry kibble for puppies with allergies?
  188. ZP is a hit!
  189. ZP sale at, just the fish and venison one
  190. When to switch to 2x meals per day
  191. My new chihuaha
  192. bones safe?
  193. Wet or dry?
  194. Turkey Jerky!!!
  195. Another pesky food question
  196. Can dogs have tomatoes?
  197. wellness core and wellness puppy
  198. Primal
  199. Simple Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
  200. 2 Male Chi´s, whats the best dog food for price
  201. Anybody feed these ???
  202. pork chop bones???
  203. THK or Sojos?
  204. Nupro vs. Fish Oil & Kelp
  205. Ground Whole Prey Patties
  206. Bought raw food today (whoop, whoop)!! Now I have a question.
  207. canned food??
  208. Lily just wont eat HELP
  209. Ziwipeak Question
  210. Supreme Healthy Max Skin & Coat
  211. How many eggs is too many?
  212. Homemade food for a puppy.
  213. Ziwi Peak
  214. Food Sampling?
  215. Why You Should Read Dog Food Labels
  216. Natural Balance Original?
  217. Oh Noes!!!
  218. Feeding calculator since we have so many questions about how much to feed.
  219. Pre-made raw was in my supermarket all this time
  220. Opinion on Blue Buffalo?
  221. Am I giving too much Nurtical?
  222. Weight Loss strategies
  223. Help! I need advice on food amount.
  224. sorry double post
  225. Loose stools with Orijen?
  226. feeding eggs to my Chi
  227. Orijen puppy large (breed) ok?
  228. The switch
  229. How do I stop scarfing?
  230. Kiwipeak... I knew it!
  231. I have some beef liver, what should I do with it?
  232. feeding raw with another food?
  233. A Dog's Breakfast ....
  234. Lazy eater?
  235. is this a good homemade recipe?
  236. what to feed my 3-1/2 month chihuahua
  237. Why your dog should never eat milk bone, beggin strips, etc..
  238. Vitamin E & fish oil dosage recommendation for puppy
  239. Cheddar Cheese?
  240. Fish Oil
  241. Low protein diet???
  242. MORE pet food recalls (US) 12/7/2011
  243. Another IAMS recall 12/6/2011
  244. Himalayan dog chew
  245. How much is she supposed to drink?
  246. Switching to less frequent meals
  247. what to feed a new puppy
  248. Healthy low cal dog chews/treats?
  249. Treats and chews!
  250. Queston about ZiwiPeak?