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: Chihuahua Diet and Nutrition

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  1. Queston about ZiwiPeak?
  2. Pics** Wow the difference grain free has made
  3. IAMS Recall-or not??
  4. Best Enzymes/Probiotics...
  5. Taste of The Wild
  6. Will it hurt to feed pumpkin daily?
  7. pumpkin????
  8. Ziwipeak Help
  9. Update!
  10. Frustrated with food -
  11. H2Oooohhh...???
  12. Best treats for my very fussy chi
  13. Please help with feeding amount... TOTW
  14. Will a gulper learn to chew?
  15. Dog Food..
  16. puppy food/adult food
  17. Anyone tried..
  18. wellness/wellness core
  19. Raw diet: What is best menu/schedule?
  20. Any ideas
  21. Need help from those with expertise in kidney issues/diet. NOT for my girls.
  22. Beef Heart
  23. Pepe is sick :-( . . . . or a chicken bone stuck?
  24. 4 health grain fee dog food
  25. Increased appetite with age!!
  26. Dehydration from kibble?
  27. Confused about raw - bones are safe?
  28. Orijen
  29. Feeding puppy TOTW?
  30. Stella & Chewy's dehydrated patties
  31. What to feed after HGE or Colitis
  32. ZiwiPeak & adding other food?
  33. ZP, S&C, and The Honest Mess
  34. Honest Kitchen + raw - portion help?
  35. Can ZP be frozen?
  36. uh oh. Juicy poop
  37. Picky eaters
  38. Vitamin supplements
  39. Diet
  40. Ziwipeak questions
  41. Ziwipeak was a hit!
  42. I am going CRAZY!!!!!!!
  43. Ziwipeak Lamb question
  44. So now what should I do. . .
  45. Raw.
  46. Warning Ziwipeak
  47. Anyone Feeding..
  48. Question on THK vs RMB
  49. Ziwipeak & international shipping??
  50. Ziwipeak and ordering from WagginTails. Price increase.
  51. which food? help
  52. ZiwiPeak
  53. recreational chewing
  54. Natural Instinct
  55. Does anyone feed Eukanuba
  56. Which THK formula?
  57. narrowed it to these dog foods
  58. Sweet husband's new interest in the girl's feeding. Oh, dear.
  59. Chihuahua won't eat
  60. (another) Question about food
  61. Home-made Dog Food
  62. Morning confusion :)
  63. Trying to find food that does not cause loose stools
  64. What's your chi's fave natural treat?
  65. My dog likes to eat things that I find strange for him.
  66. Chicken wings?
  67. Food question
  68. Food help
  69. Raw food how much?
  70. Stella and Chewy's
  71. Varied Diet
  72. Different foods = different amounts..
  73. Purina Puppy Chow
  74. Vet Prescription diet
  75. Deuce and Honey ZiwiPeak update
  76. Homemade recipes?
  77. Amberleah dosent want her food any more.
  78. Starting Raw...
  79. Oops sorry about last post ...should have been this
  80. What is a good treat for my Chi before bedtime?
  81. I have coupon for Nurto if any one wants it.
  82. Lamb? Rabbit? Bison?
  83. Lesson learned - puppy glopped down frozen meat :(
  84. Nature's Variety
  85. what treats to give ??
  86. chicken legs and other meats
  87. Primal?
  88. Need Ziwipeak and THK advice
  89. Dog food question
  90. Did I perhaps stumble upon the culprit to the poo eating???
  91. Primals response to my email over freezer burn food
  92. Evo Dog Food Question...
  93. Ordering Dog Food Online... Need a new one
  94. stella & chewy's!!!
  95. Interesting article
  96. Primal ???
  97. For those that feed frozen raw, interesting email I received
  98. How many times per day do you/did you feed your puppies?
  99. Does anyone else feed Primal? I have a question on amounts.
  100. RAW food- my Vet hates it...
  101. Fromm Gold Holistic
  102. Raw food
  103. Blue and Wellness
  104. ZiwiPeak and Orijen?
  105. dog food yay or nay
  106. Books on RAW?
  107. What to feed
  108. Got Amberleah new food
  109. 1st vist to Vet
  110. Were can you buy good quality food in the Uk(NOT ONLINE)
  111. Fishy fish!!
  112. Grain free wet foods?
  113. Protein advice
  114. Have you hear of this food?
  115. Treat Recall - 14 states affected!
  116. Muffin is a picky eater
  117. How much ZP do you give your 3-4 lb. babies, please?
  118. What do you think about these treats?
  119. Champion Dog Food Company...
  120. Z.P Dog Food...
  121. CONCERNS with THK food...
  122. *acana dog food* anyone...
  123. Godric tummy ache.
  124. Canned/wet ZiwiPeak
  125. Canned/wet ZiwiPeak
  126. BARF Dog Food - Has anyone tried this?
  127. Small puppy, feeding and Nutrical etc.
  128. If you feed dehdrated/freeze dried single ingredient treats, brands you prefer?
  129. Bones from the butcher
  130. A raw "filler"???
  131. Tried THK
  132. Have you ever noticed a consistency difference in ZP from bag to bag?
  133. Raw vs Kibble - my goodness what a difference!!
  134. I kept track of how long a 2.2 lb. bag of ZP lasts.
  135. orijen and tearing
  136. Protection Against Radiation Fallout...???
  137. Ziwi Peak
  138. wellness and innova..
  139. Has anyone tried Primal Frozen raw?
  140. What Do You Feed Your Chis?
  141. Those who feed both THK and ZP. How and how much?
  142. Well, the testimonial is all in the fur!
  143. Can anyone help with feeding amounts please :)
  144. How much should he eat
  145. How long do I feed my girls as puppies? Year? Longer? Less?
  146. Ziwipeak question
  147. Which puppy food (UK puppy)
  148. Should I change her food.
  149. Feeding advice - new puppy
  150. Great deal on ZP and while ordering, I had to get them this...
  151. Stella and Chewy's came! Need tips..
  152. Switching Orijen flavors?
  153. Ziwi chew treats / bones
  154. Chicken and Rice?
  155. Got my ZiwiPeak free samples today
  156. Food. How? What? When?
  157. Acana, Orijen, or Fromm?
  158. Those who feed ZiwiPeak to puppies. Do you double the amount fed?
  159. Anyone feed ZiwiPeak canned?
  160. Greenbean diet - Need Advice
  161. Anyone feed Iams?
  162. The basics of canine nutrition ...
  163. Looks like Reggie's going on the green bean diet :(
  164. Still underweight :(
  165. Anyone mix kibble and canned food?
  166. Please help...I dont know what to do!!
  167. Honest Kitchen Embark sale
  168. MORE Nupro questions, please?
  169. Kibble feeders. Do/did your puppies eat their measured food?
  170. Question about Nupro!
  171. Please help before I pull my hair out..
  172. Is Nutrical really necessary
  173. another ziwipeak question
  174. Need I add w/the honest kitchen food??
  175. Your thoughts please
  176. Krill oil... Thoughts and or opinions on it?
  177. Ziwipeak samples?
  178. Sweet Potato treats.
  179. 4 year old Chi
  180. The missing link.
  181. Question about salmon oil ???
  182. The honest Kitchen Question
  183. How much and how often do I feed my chi pup?
  184. Ziwipeak Trial
  185. Anal gland recipe
  186. Teeth Cleaner
  187. I need your input on food type...
  188. Raw chicken bones?
  189. For those who use ZiwiPeak as a treat and/or also feed kibble-can you share?
  190. Orijen....your reviews please...
  191. Yikes! Heavy metal testing in dog food
  192. When you switched to THK or ZP, how did you do it?
  193. How much food per day?
  194. ZiwiPeak Good Dog Treats - 50% off UK
  195. Merrick treat recall
  196. Questions about foods...raw, ZiwiPeak & others
  197. Patience to answer another ZiwiPeak question?
  198. Yay! Ziwipeak rocks! But how much?
  199. Beef?
  200. Even more sold on Stella & Chewy's
  201. Changing food and bought supplements
  202. Anyone feed NutriSource Puppy?
  203. New puppy owner.
  204. Can't find a place to order Ziwi sample/trial size. Help, please?
  205. which food is better for chi's?
  206. dog food advisor and my hunt for a good food
  207. very underweight chi
  208. Received THK Embark. Learning curve and newbie questions, please!
  209. Zippy had his first serving of raw chicken today
  210. Stagbar Antler Chews
  211. bad manners
  212. best food for my chi`s
  213. How many times a day do you feed a puppy?
  214. Heathly treats :)
  215. grrrrrr
  216. Thinking of changing to orijen
  217. GNC wild salmon oil....any feedback?
  218. ZiwiPeak pics...
  219. Diet for 7 week old Chi Pup..
  220. Could the Ziwi Peak be bad?
  221. ziwi peak and smack
  222. nutrition for pups! Help!
  223. ZiwiPeak VS. Evo...
  224. Godric, skin and bones.
  225. Coconut Oil supplement to relieve allergies/dry skin/itchy scratchies???
  226. dehydrated raw ingredients what do you think?
  227. Grain-free treat suggestions (and how a 2lb dog is playing me for treats!), please?
  228. suggestions please
  229. ZiwiPeak
  230. Food suggestions
  231. help with food please
  232. Stella & Chewys question on how much to feed
  233. How much to feed?
  234. HK and ziwipeak questions please
  235. ZiwiPeak is confusing!!
  236. Caninie Caviar Buffalo pressed tripe bone
  237. Day 8 of food change. Should we be at ~75% new?
  238. Does anyone give their babies Merrick Lamb treats?
  239. ZiwiPeak! How much to feed?
  240. We got our HK in the mail!
  241. If you feed grain free, do you also give only grain free treats?
  242. Treats and snacks for chi with not many teeth??!
  243. Feeding amount
  244. Glucosamine
  245. Loose stool and raw food
  246. Cesars dog food
  247. What food should we go with?
  248. Sweet Potato Chews (Homemade Recipe)
  249. Got my vet interested in HK!
  250. It's BRITNEY! - Diet Thread