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: Chihuahua Diet and Nutrition

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  1. boiled beef or chicken for snack???
  2. What is the dog-nutritional difference between potatoes & sweet potatoes (& yams)
  3. Dog food
  4. Feeding schedule?
  5. Pupcakes
  6. Very confused about high fat in freeze dried
  7. Sugar in dog treats
  8. Stella & Chewys frozen raw for new pup?
  9. Weird eating habit - goes off food every two weeks for one day
  10. Not wanting to eat
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar
  12. Apple Cider Vinegar
  13. Finally, sollution to putting weight my tiny one
  14. Zine chelate dangerous???
  15. Things I have discoverd feeding Chi
  16. Cooked beans (pinto & kidney) Are they good for my chi mix?
  17. 2 16oz ziwipeak venison and fish free to anyone who wants it
  18. Dog needs to gain weight
  19. Help with raw feeding please ☺️
  20. Protein in kibble
  21. I'm not sure
  22. Adding fruits and vegetables
  23. Leptospirosis Survivor - What to Feed? (liver/kidney damage)
  24. Limited Ingredient and Grain Free
  25. CONCERN about feeding treats or kibble that is contain liver??
  26. Need advise on buying a canned food???
  27. chews?
  28. Raw goats milk
  29. Is New Zealand lamb safe to feed???
  30. Treat recipes
  31. Wanting to try a new protein to see if would help
  32. Senior Dog Food
  33. Whimzees toothbrush dental treats
  35. Help with changing to a raw diet
  36. Omega 3 / Fish oil anyone?
  37. food that is good, but not too expensive
  38. Ceasar dogfood recall>>>
  39. Need advise
  40. Antler treats???
  41. Olive oil on his kibble.
  42. Honey or maple syrup?
  43. anyone feed their Chi raw fruits and veggies?
  44. question about switching food from a same brand
  45. Canine Caviar Leaping Spirit Holistic Grain Free and Carna4 Grain-free Duck
  46. Joint Power Meg
  47. Possible food allergy, hypoallergenic food question
  48. Switching Foods
  49. Best dry dog foods of the year article
  50. Just found a new cool treat for my Chi...
  51. RECALL>>>Blue Buffalo Dog Food...
  52. Performatrin Ultra limited freeze dried beef liver???
  53. Great quality kibble???
  54. Orijen=soft poo? & gas
  55. Anybody every try 4Health?
  56. fish recipe is it safe???
  57. 1 meal a day
  58. Maybe tip for fussy eaters
  59. Switching from raw to high quality dry food-recommendations?
  60. Another puppy diet question
  61. More advice needed, thanks!
  63. Poor douglas.. allergies!
  64. Feeding Schedule For 9 Week Old Chihuahua mix
  65. Switching from puppy to adult food
  66. Dog food reviews
  67. Dog food recipes
  68. Stella & Chewy's Dog & Cat Food RECALL>>>>>
  69. CENTINELA Withdraws Duck Jerky Treats....
  70. Liver! YUCK YUCK
  71. No more Beneful!
  72. Best type of flour for home made treats?
  73. Earth Animal No Hide Chew- new favorite
  74. What Do you Feed your Chi?
  75. Bully Stick website Question
  76. Orijen ?
  77. Good Food articles from DNM
  78. Recalled Dog food- Stella is on the list!
  79. Bully Stick Score at Target!
  80. New owner looking for a little help.
  81. Anyone else make treats??
  82. Need some opinions...
  83. Scheduled Meal Times Questions
  84. DNM: Ingredient Splitting in The Pet Food Industry
  85. DNM: The Hopes and Hazards of Raw Pet Food
  86. Can my dog eat this?
  87. Purina to buy Merrick??
  88. Orijen six fish???
  89. Need advice on canned food???
  90. DNM: Raw Feeders Beware: The War Is On
  91. Detox while transition to Primal Freeze Dried
  92. Vital Essentials Dog Food RECALL>..
  93. Safest bone size for Chi to consume
  94. Weight loss help!
  95. Supreme pet products beef tendons
  96. 🐶A must read!🐶
  97. Kidney Preparation
  98. Vitamins
  99. Fresh Fish
  100. Gunther is super picky!!
  101. New pics of Piper
  102. Piper LOVES Pup Loaf!
  103. Puppy food
  104. Diet and Update :)
  105. Royal canin veterinary canned diet
  106. Ziwipeak is crazy expensive!
  107. Wet Food Amounts
  108. Brand/Type of Food
  109. Chihuahua Won't Eat Kibble
  110. Eating to Much???:
  111. Stinky pooh???
  112. Treat for my puppy chi?
  113. Hi, can i ask how much wet food should my chi eat one of my chis is a little over wei
  114. Just in case WARNING
  115. Dog Food Suggestions/Tips
  116. Orijen Freeze Dried
  117. Dr Harvey Coconut Smiles LOVE THEM
  118. DNM: Supplements To Help Your Dogís Arthritis Pain
  119. Nutrisca Dry Dog Food RECALL>>>
  120. NUTRISCA dog Food RECALL>>>
  121. When does it stop? Beef Trachea Treat RECALL>>>
  122. DNM: 3 Ingredients Never to Feed (Yet Many of Us Unknowingly Do)
  123. From pedigree to S&C
  124. Need help with canned food
  125. Grill-Phoria RECALL TREats....
  126. FUDS Frozen RECALL....
  127. No more salmon oil here
  128. Questions about diet and Ziwipeak. Gemma has new diet rules.
  129. Your Thoughts On Dinovite
  130. Question about Greenies
  131. Rice vs. potato
  132. I wish I had this problem
  133. Picky Chi doesn't care about food
  134. Cookie recipes for doggies
  135. Fussy chi seeking solid UK canned options!
  136. changing Petria's diet, advice please
  137. How soon can I start new dog on raw?
  138. DNM: Prescription Pet Foods Found To Contain Cancer Causing Toxins
  139. Blue Basics Small Breed Turkey & Potato
  140. How much Orijen
  141. Grinding Kibble
  142. Gasy puppy!
  143. Oijen adult food for Chi puppy??
  144. How to get enough calcium on a home cooked diet?
  145. Do I need to wean onto ziwipeak for travel?
  146. Pegetables
  147. Talk tripe to me!
  148. Bellah is finally home!
  149. DNM: Eggs for dogs: Safe or Not?
  150. Gidget is overweight
  151. Help please!
  152. Bella VERY constipated I think ??
  153. What to feed?
  154. DNM: Pet Food: Ingredients and Facts You Should Know About
  155. DNM: Pet Food Packaging Dangers
  156. Question about whimzees
  157. Vets- Iams or Purina One Active?
  158. DNM: Helping Allergies In Dogs With Food Energetics
  159. Dodgy Ziwipeak?
  160. Trying to decide on the right food for my puppy...
  161. Recall for Brovo
  162. 5 herbs for dogs
  163. DNM: Alfalfa for Dogs
  164. DNM: soy the unwholesome truth
  165. Best Home Cooking Recipes for Dogs
  166. DNM: Oats for Dogs Part II: Internal & External Uses
  167. Dog Treats I order
  168. Yummy dog treats!
  169. Pup inhales food
  170. Does anyone put ZP in the freezer?
  171. DNM: Oats for Dogs: Part I Ė Introduction
  172. Something is weird
  173. Chi Thriving on Primal Frozen
  174. DNM; Dog Obesity: The Truth About Starch
  175. Opinions on whether this matters
  176. I'm not good at this dehydrating thing. :(
  177. DNM: Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals in Dog Foods
  178. New Puppy not eating well
  179. Dehydrateing beef livers today--One more question (and hopefully my last)!
  180. DNM: So Long Yeast, Hello Kefir!
  181. Too much bone?
  182. Tripe
  183. Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat
  184. orijen regional dry
  185. Jayda, I got my dehydrator today!! Did you?
  186. chihuahua pattern baldness question
  187. DNM: Playing Chicken With Dog Food Label Ingredients
  188. DNM:Is Your Loving, Kind, Fluffy Dog Friend A Carnivore Or An Omnivore?
  189. New puppy won't drink
  190. A video everyone should watch
  191. Acana Dog Food
  192. Idea?!Starting Stella & Chewy's Duck goose
  193. Frustrated
  194. Ziwipeak price increase? Other options for me to research?
  195. UK Owners - any wet food recommendations?
  196. I really don't know what to think...would love to hear from my CP friends
  197. HELP! Stella&Chewy's equivalent in UK/EU please?
  198. Fattening up
  199. Nature's Menu (UK)
  200. Um, a bully stick is WHAT?
  201. Charlie had his first nutriment breakfast!
  202. Does anyone feed raw Fresh Pet?
  203. Oxtail?
  204. Question for anyone who feeds Primal only
  205. Naturediet
  206. Uh-oh, the Primal is running out!
  207. Blue Buffalo All of a sudden makes chi sick.
  208. I want to add raw "bones", for dental??
  209. Finally going raw.. Primal or S&C?
  210. Few questions for anyone that feeds nutriment :)
  211. Food Recommendations
  212. Going to try Ziwipeak--some questions
  213. Food to deal with eczema
  214. Eureka! Beef allergy?
  215. HELP ! Baby is getting fatter by the minute ! :(
  216. Hill's Science Diet RECALL<>>>>
  217. Diabetic underweight chihuahua
  218. Beware of this food...
  219. Are these kibbles safe?
  220. DNM; Going Green: Chlorophyll For Dogs
  221. DNM: Goat Milk For Dogs
  222. Carna 4
  223. I feel like a FOOL !!! So angry..
  224. Feeding a chihuahua once a day
  225. Purina Sues Blue Buffalo for Misleading Advertising
  226. Overweight epileptic chi
  227. Huge THK sale at Petflow
  228. Nutriment feeding guide
  229. Are dehydrated/air dried bones safe?
  230. Need input on these treats
  231. Primal
  232. DNM: Corn and Your Dog: Secrets Food Companies Donít Want You To Know About
  233. Free feeding dry food
  234. Orijen freeze dried food
  235. Hills dental treats
  236. Green Min and Pre-made Raw?
  237. Cancer-Causing Aflatoxins Found In Dog Foods
  238. Primal Stock Up!
  239. Freeze Dry food UK
  240. Must a chi have kibble in their diet?
  241. Beef Ziwipeak yet?
  242. stella and chewy's ash
  243. Turkey necks?
  244. Had a choking issue...
  245. Farmina is in!
  246. High Protein kibble?
  247. Need advice on changing food
  248. Need quick answers with help!!
  249. 1 teaspoon of wet food
  250. What food?