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  41. A big thank you to the posters here
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  84. Aunt Tracey Aunt Stella etc
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  90. Maybe it's just me, but frozen raw is for the birds. :(
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  137. Brodysmom
  138. Shopping list
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  142. Reflux/ Indigestion
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  153. Fat
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  156. Goat
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  202. anyone here read Thao?
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  217. sodium content
  218. okay raw feeders, where do you store your meat?
  219. It seems very little...?
  220. I thought dogs were carnivores
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  222. using dehydrated liver in place of fresh?
  223. Am I safe to go with any protein? Talk organs and muscles to me?
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  232. I offered a chicken neck as a snack...is that okay?
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