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  1. Just woke up, squeals when i put him down after picking him up!
  2. Noisy tummy and stopped eating
  3. tiny red spots on CoCo's ears
  4. DNM: Turmeric Proven More Effective Than Ibuprofen For Joint Pain (Heart, Liver, etc)
  5. Bumps on head
  6. Leave your Chi at home, do not leave them in the car
  7. When it is hot outside...good tips
  8. Toxic dog toys
  9. Interesting read on heartworm preventative
  10. Teeth
  11. Deformed Toe
  12. Anaplasmosis
  13. 'delicate' subject
  14. Inhaler for Asthma
  15. Vaccinations and titering...
  16. DNM: Part 2 Fish Oil And Omega-3 For Dogs: Safe Or Not?
  17. Dnm: Can Fish oil kill dogs?
  18. In case you didn't know
  19. Heart Failure
  20. Supplement for Baby..wich one?
  21. need help rehabilitating my chihuahuas puppy!
  22. Unexpected lactating
  23. Have been to the Dr. again..
  24. It's starting in Texas...
  25. The Scoop on Probiotics For Dogs
  26. brown discoloration of paws
  27. Stomach Virus going around
  28. DNM: Heartworm “Bewareness” Month
  29. a portable tub/bin
  30. Latte is on new medication for itchy skin
  31. ISO natural flea and tick remedies or products!
  32. Aromatherapy Allergy Relief For Itchy Dogs
  33. How to deal with unexpected heat
  34. "Click" when walking
  35. yeast infection help
  36. Scared; Patellas went out
  37. charlie got debobbled yesterday
  38. charlie got debobbled yesterday
  39. Crusty stuff on paw pads?
  40. Nightime potty habits
  41. Asthma
  42. physical therapy stressing Emmie?
  43. Chihuahua testicals puppy
  44. Anal Sacs/Glands
  45. Suspected hydrocephalus
  46. Kennel Cough
  47. Zarita's check up
  48. DNM Why Monthly Heartworm Protection Might Not Be Necessary
  49. Is a vet visit still needed?
  50. Not FLEAS!
  51. Vet care dilema
  52. Umbilical Hernia
  53. Cosmo's Rumbly Tummy
  54. spaying precautions
  55. hi
  56. DNM: A Simple and Effective Guide to Cruciate Tear Management
  57. Help
  58. Kink in tail
  59. 3 year old chi
  60. Emmie's check up
  61. anti inflamatory-pain reliever
  62. Gidget's LP
  63. 10 yr old chi with abdominal pain
  64. Emmie Swam today!
  65. Recovery Time After Neuter
  66. DNM Heatworm Articles- Yoshimom
  67. DNM: Cruciate Ligament Rupture: Missing The Big Picture
  68. Buddy's Knee Op
  69. Could I be more confused??
  70. So....we have been to the Dr.
  71. Teeth Cleaning
  72. Princess suffered a Dog Attack ( new health update on her ears)
  73. Physical therapy
  74. Should we go to the vet?
  75. Opinions/facts please: Patella G1, raw diet, do I G&C as well?
  76. My Chi is sick and I'm a long way from home! Advice needed
  77. My baby's ears are bleeding!!! Help
  78. Blu
  79. Administering meds
  80. vaccine laws
  81. Pyometra surgery
  82. Sick chihuahua puppy
  83. Who here feeds DE? Diatomaceous earth
  84. Hi, we need some help from the sunny FL
  85. Sign at a vets office...Parvo season?
  86. What do you use for heartworm preventative?
  87. DNM: Prevent Parvo and Distemper Without Vaccination
  88. Poor Pearl is constipated now advice please
  89. Huge thanks from Lily & I
  90. It has gotten worse..
  91. Now Yoshi?
  92. hiking booties
  93. Are my puppies over/under weight?
  94. Post Surgery Blues...
  95. Prayers please-Lily is at the ER
  96. DNM: Free Lyme Ebook
  97. Poor pearl had to go to the vet as she got the runs
  98. Traveling - Avoiding Fleas?
  99. DNM Goldenseal
  100. My worst nightmare.
  101. So, reverse sneezing is pretty terrifying!
  102. Frankie went to vet today
  103. kennel cough vaccine
  104. update on Emmie
  105. Emmie has surgery today
  106. help please! secnidazole and parasites? :S
  107. Grooming
  108. worried chi mom
  109. How fast is too fast in terms of weight gain
  110. DNM: Trust Me: I’m a Vet
  111. Advice needed
  112. Wish Odie Luck!
  113. DNM: One Vaccine Can Change Your Dog’s Life Forever
  114. Decision made!
  115. Kenya, Luxating patella . Help please
  116. Emmie has to have surgery AGAIN
  117. Arrrggghhh! Giardia!
  118. Natural flea treatment
  119. CHF Support
  120. Spay Day tomorrow! Eeek!
  121. Mast cell tumors?
  122. Hydrotherapy
  123. Best tooth cleaning products for dogs?
  124. Is One Leptospirosis Vaccine Dose Size Really Right For All Dogs
  125. DNM: Over 99% Of Vaccine Reactions Go Unreported In Dogs And Cats
  126. Professional Dental Cleaning
  127. Zeuterin
  128. Article on the health risks and benefits of spaying/neutering
  129. Upset tummy!
  130. Mange mites
  131. New Puppy with Fleas
  132. Can full anal sacs make a dog hate to be butt sniffed?
  133. The healing power of Vit C--Articles
  134. Can a dog have a sty on their eye?
  135. Zarita had a relapse.
  136. probiotic questions???
  137. How do you weigh your Chi?
  138. a cut sort of thing on her lower lip?
  139. Had enough of H/Worm tablets, what do i do ?
  140. Pain meds advice, please
  141. DNM: Vaccination Safety: If You Look, You’ll See The Problem
  142. Not walking after surgey
  143. Healthy pups ;)
  144. DNM: Dandelion – Much More Than A Weed!
  145. Heart disease :(
  146. Pepcid usage?
  147. Fishy Breath help
  148. Anal glands post squeezing
  149. My chi wont eat and is just lying around. What is wrong with him?
  150. Ermintrude is Coughing!
  151. DNM: A Large Vaccine Problem For Small Dogs
  152. MY oldest vomited worried
  153. Cough
  154. Anal gland rupture
  155. Chronic diarrhea w/blood
  156. Dry, scaly ears
  157. 10 week old Chi puppy with back problem help
  158. Need advice please on Holly's incision
  159. What ear cleaner to use?
  160. update on Emmie
  161. What can I do to help Lola
  162. I've been stupid... Advice please
  163. Episodes of pain, neck down, but only lasts like 10-15 min?
  164. Very car sick pup... and the aftermath!
  165. Holly was spayed yesterday.
  166. After surgery? How long back to normal?
  167. Pippa's coat & skin...
  168. Winter shelter
  169. Cornea ulcer and heart issues
  170.'s Zarita ?
  171. HELP! I think Lilys come of heat??
  172. Entropia
  173. update on Zarita
  174. sudden constant whining in older chi
  175. Surgery Day
  176. Read if you give fish oil
  177. DNM: Homeopathic Treatment For Dogs – An Acute Materia Medica
  178. DNM: Pet Health Crisis Or An Awakening?
  179. when it rains, it pours!
  180. Food/diarrhea
  181. Emmies surgery update
  182. FHO Surgery
  183. Douglas might need surgery
  184. DNM: Licorice And Dogs
  185. Losing weight - in season
  186. Odie is off to the vet
  187. Winnie is very sick :(
  188. my almost 2 yr ol chi male is lifting his leg
  189. Help my new Chihuahua is sick and won't eat!!
  190. Dangerous Circovirus
  191. update on Emmie
  192. Wanted to share, natural flea treatment. It,s great.
  193. Eye trouble
  194. 7 year old Bean has IDD...what are my options?
  195. Struggling to breathe when excited...
  196. Help! Eye Health Question
  197. Lilo ate chewed gum :(
  198. New member with cowhocked rescue
  199. question about 'sitz' baths
  200. Poor Douglas
  201. More problems for Emmie
  202. Lyme Vaccine
  203. Something just occurred to me
  204. Found out why dolly might be so aggressive with other dogs
  205. surgery for Emmie
  206. DNM: You Want To Detox A Vaccination? Think Again
  207. Our first female Chi
  208. jerky treats
  209. Chihuahua puppy eating grass?
  210. How do you get a urine sample?
  211. Emmie has lameness
  212. DNM: Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm
  213. Yes I am a crazy Chi lady ;)
  214. 4 1/2 mth old Molly in heat, YIKES"
  215. hello everyone
  216. newbie
  217. Five Simple Steps To Prevent Canine Cancer
  218. Chihuahuas nose has turned pink? A little worried.
  219. eating less?
  220. He ate an emery board!
  221. doggie bath products
  222. In despair :-( *Gross poo picture alert'
  223. Anyone tried Protexin Pro-Kolin Paste for their puppies IBS symptoms?
  224. What flea med does everyone use
  225. DNM: Dog Vaccinations Mindlessly Defended
  226. Castration need advice!! Graphic content!
  227. eating poop & pooping rice like things?
  228. Cottage cheese and flax seed oil.
  229. Benadryl And Demodex Mange Mites advice please
  230. A new problem
  231. Charlie & Bailey have kennel cough :(
  232. DNM: Three Natural Antibiotics For Your Dog
  233. Human probiotics to dogs
  234. Some Veterinarians Sell Unnecessary Shots, Tests to Make Extra Money, Says Former Vet
  235. Black specks on vulva?
  236. Help enzyme supplement upset one of my chis tummy
  237. Poop Eating Puppy
  238. Spaying,what age?
  239. Deadly dog virus here in the US....scared!
  240. flea and heartworm treatment brand
  241. emmies reaction to new seizure meds
  242. dark/deep red nail bed
  243. 7 months male teeth problems and desexing
  244. DNM; Straight Talk: Avoiding Baseless Vaccination Requirements
  245. Eye/ Vision supplements
  246. Bad experiences from neutering please help
  247. Pink mouth
  248. Frequency of knee problems
  249. More on Bonnie
  250. Baby is not feeling so well today :(