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  1. my baby is being mean. HELP!

    Chihuahua Questions
    I have a five year old male chihuahua, Dash. I also have a two year old female, Sissy. Neither of them have been spayed/neutered. Dash is actually going for his surgery tomorrow. We've had Dash since he was about 9 months old, and Sissy came to live with us when she was about 8 months. Dash has...
  2. Rescued Chi - Reactive / Need Advice Pleaes

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi All - I'm a new group member that recently rescued a Chi from the "Small Breed Rescue" in Northern California. We originally rescued our little Dolly for our in-laws who had recently lost their Chi after 14 years. So Sad. I felt great as I boarded the plane to pick Dollly (a Red 5 year old...
  3. How to stop my Chi's being aggressive towards new puppy?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello, So I've found and joined this website as I am in some desperate need of help! I have two female chihuahuas, Angelica 5 and Tiarmie 3. When Angelica was a puppy, we had 4 German Shepards and a Northan Inuit who were all extremely gentle towards her and she loved them in return. When we...
  4. Aggressive chihuahua puppy

    Chihuahua Questions
    I have had small dogs in the past and have never had any problems with aggression. My puppy is 6 months old, about to be neutered so hopefully that will help things. He is very well socialised, 12 puppy training classes, daily walks to the dog park and ticked every box on all of the...
  5. Rescue chi aggressive to men I date??

    Chihuahua Questions
    I got my rescue chi a few months ago from a local vet hospital. They said she is really timid but very loving. She came right to me and we bonded instantly. I make sure she is well loved but also aware I am in charge. She has been around men and though a little nervous by no means aggressive. I...