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  1. Chihuahua Questions
    We're trying to settle on a birthdate for Brewster. When we got Brew, the shelter said he was 4 years old, based on his teeth. His paperwork from there has a birth date, 5/28/08. This date is roundabout near where he would have had the teeth scaling-- I figure they just picked that day. When we...
  2. Chihuahua Pictures
    Hey everyone, here is an assortment of pictures of Brewster. The night we got him from N.O.A.H. Showing off his big ears Magical glowing dog Curled up, sleeping Looking rather dapper while showing off his new collar (I think this is definitely his best picture yet!)
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I adopted my first Chihuahua with my boyfriend last week. Our dog, Brewster, is a 4-year-old (approximately) shelter dog and we have had him for exactly 8 days today :) I've been lurking around on here for the past week or so, right after we brought out dog home, so I thought I'd...
1-3 of 3 Results