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  1. New Petote Carrier!

    General chat
    I just found a black/brown Petote Brooklyn carrier for $55 used on Ebay. It was only used twice and it looks like it's in really good condition. The bag usually goes for $130-210, so this was a total steal! I just paid for it on Paypal and I'm so excited. :D I think the reason it wasn't snatched...
  2. Juicy Couture Carrier for sale

    Buyers // Sellers
    I'm going to put this on ebay but thought I put this here first. I'm selling this because we have so many bags and I just bought the new style of juicy couture carrier and would like to make some space for the closet. I've had this for less than a year and used it a handful of time. It is in a...
  3. New Chi Mom

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello ! My little guy will be coming home at the end of next month. I am slowly getting all his things that he will need together. I currently have his bed, collar, and pee pads. I know I will need a harness, leash, id tag, crate/carrier, and pen (until he gets fully potty trained while I am...
  4. Proper Pen and Crate ?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello ! I will be getting my chihuahua in a couple of weeks ! I am so excited and I am trying to gather all the items he will need before he is able to come home. I Have his bed and pee-pee pads already. I am wondering which is the best pen to get for him during his housetraining sessions and to...