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  1. Fur Baby Toys, Clothes, Photos, and Other Essentials For a Crazy Mom

    Chihuahua Pictures
    Although I have a daughter and a grandson, I view my Chihuahuas as my kids because my daughter lives 6 hours away. With that said, I think you will understand why I treat them like kids. I have bought them toys, clothes, 2 car seats, 5 beds, 2 kennels, tons of blankets, and a front carrier...
  2. Help! Tigger hates the car and cries all the time.

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi,I'm new here and have had my 8 week old little boy, Tigger for two days. My problem is that although he is happy enough going in his crate at home or at night. When I put him in it in the car, he cries all through the journey. He cried all the way to and from the Vets yesterday and was no...
  3. New Petote Carrier!

    General chat
    I just found a black/brown Petote Brooklyn carrier for $55 used on Ebay. It was only used twice and it looks like it's in really good condition. The bag usually goes for $130-210, so this was a total steal! I just paid for it on Paypal and I'm so excited. :D I think the reason it wasn't snatched...
  4. Fun Accessories for Small Dogs

    Chi chat
    I thought it might be nice to share some of the fun accessories/brands that I found online, back when I was preparing to bring Teddy home. :D Crystal Dog Tags Colored Jingle Bell Charms (Great for keeping track of a wandering puppy!)...