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  1. NEW Dog Princess Boutique Dog Clothes XS-XXXL

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    The Dog Princess Boutique is an online boutique for dog owners who are looking for quality dog clothing and supplies. Sizes range from XS - XXXL . Styles range from everyday casual clothing to formal tutus and gowns. Visit today!
  2. Does my Chi need a coat?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello everyone, I am a new Chi owner and have been taking my 4 month old Chi boy George for walks (he has had all his jabs etc) And I bumped into another dog walker who told me Chis can get really sick and even die if they get too cold. It was a mild evening and quite windy. So I was wondering...
  3. What my Chihuhuas wore to the Oscars

    Chihuahua Pictures
    Hi all, Here are some photos of my two little gals and their Oscars outfits. Hattie went as Marilyn Monroe and Mirdle as Abe Lincoln, since Abe was nominated for Best Picture. You can read more on my blog and about the Oscars. I just started this blog about a month ago. It is silly and...
  4. Any Cheap clothes shops?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Anyone know where I can get any good cheap chihuahua clothes or costumes or clothes, cheap for me is under 10 pounds , preferably online x if you want to, attach a picture if your chihuahua in fancy dress , or clothes , my baby penny has got a karate outfit, tinkerbell outfit, a cute coat, and a...