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  1. "Chihuahua's dont like water"

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    Olive was born in Dec. and my sister always told be she'd never like water. I love swimming and water and I wanted Olive to be a part of that. I guess introducing it to her early got her to love it. This is gonna be a fun summer...
  2. Hello everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! My name is Ivyann and I signed up to find some info out so I thought I'd make an intro post. I'm 21, I like reading, knitting, video games, and of course animals! I love law, I plan to be a paralegal in family law. Olive is my puppy, shes half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian. (A pomchi!)...
  3. Cute Dress

    Chihuahua Crafts
    Ok so my little Chihuahua Sophie is loving summer and I thought it would be really adorable to sew her a cute summer dress. She is mixed with a dachshund so her body is too long to fit in the average dress from pet stores and they are just so expensive. Is anyone able to help me find a pattern...
  4. Bobbi feels much better!

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    recent pics of lil Bobbi after her health scare she is a lot better and running around everywhere lol she looks so cute in her new shirt lol new little coat! I love her personality shes always doing something funny! just groomed, bathed, brushed, nails trimmed, she does really well...
  5. Bobbi the ferocious lol

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    Bobbi loves toys bigger than her
  6. Bobbi's first Easter!

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    here is Bobbi again!!
  7. LiL Bobbi

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    this is my sweet baby Bobbi who is growing like a weed! this is her not to sure about bluebonnets lol this is Bobbi and her twin Santi who lives in Kentucky, Bobbi is the one without the ribbon she kept eating it lol
  8. allo all

    New Member Introductions
    Hiyas, I am Mandy from Texas and the proud mom of a 6 week old baby Chihuahua, (we were told she was older) just saying hello to everyone and I will say i am kind of a Noob with having a puppy but she is growing like a weed, her name is Bobbi and she is full of energy and cute!!
  9. Any Cheap clothes shops?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Anyone know where I can get any good cheap chihuahua clothes or costumes or clothes, cheap for me is under 10 pounds , preferably online x if you want to, attach a picture if your chihuahua in fancy dress , or clothes , my baby penny has got a karate outfit, tinkerbell outfit, a cute coat, and a...
  10. Newbie; Macy ! <3

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    Meet Macy; My one year old long haired chihuahua ! She is my love. I treat her like my baby and she is everything to me ! I would literally be lost without her, as she would be lost without me. I rescued her from an abusive family. We're still working on her shyness, but she is the sweetest...
  11. Hello Everyone!

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    I am a brand new Chi owner! I am 20 and still living at home with my mum D: We've always had dogs, most recently a flat coated retriever and a spaniel. I decided it was time I got my own dog, and I have to admit, a chihuahua was not the first breed I looked at. But when I saw an advert for a...
  12. meet my chihuahuas <3

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    Tuly Roo & CoCo Chanel
  13. A Tribute to all chihuahuas. :)

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    :) ^^A Tribute to chihuahuas. :)
  14. Shiro & Den are LOVING the sun!!!

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    It's been a while since I posted some pics, so here are my lovely babies!! My Den enjoying the sun Shiro sniffing :daisy: :cool: