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  1. Chi chat
    Hi, My chihuahua passed away a few days ago. It's a very sad period for me. I am planning to own another dog. First, I decide to have another chihuahua dog, but it will always remembering me my previous chihuahua dog. So, now I have decided to buy a Mere French Bulldog. So, anyone here having...
  2. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi guys! I want to castrate my dog, but I am afraid of the negative health effects. This article says that the dog easily underwent this operation. But I think that the author promotes the castration of pets, because he was paid for it. Or not? Have you castrated your dog? Is it good or bad for...
  3. Links and Products
    The Dog Princess Boutique is an online boutique for dog owners who are looking for quality dog clothing and supplies. Sizes range from XS - XXXL . Styles range from everyday casual clothing to formal tutus and gowns. Visit today!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi Folks, Mabel is here. I am Pet lover having three Dogs and one cat namely sam, oscar, tigher and baby. I would like to share my pet caring experience with you and also like hear from all of you. Nice to meet you!
  5. Chihuahua Questions
    Hello, new member here. My Chi is 2 years old and still to this day she refuses to eat out of her dog bowl. She drinks her water from the dog bowl but not the food. She will go days without touching her food so I've had to feed her by hand to make sure she actually eats. She will immediately eat...
  6. Member's chi diarys
    I started a blog for Bobbi and the story of how I got her so you can read it here I will write more about her but my fingers are tired and shes asleep onlt waking up to look at me like mommy go to bed lol Bobbi the tiny princess
  7. Chi chat
    My Chi jumped off the couch and now she is holding her leg up - I can touch the leg and bend the leg and she doesn't pull away but it looks king of crooked
  8. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi all, I've had my one year old chi for about 4 months now, and this morning when I woke up she had thrown up all over the house. Twice, it looked like food based (cheese maybe?) and a few times it was just some frothy puddles. I'm a new dog owner so I only have two settings: contentment...
  9. Chihuahua Questions
    Good Morning Everyone! So this is my first post. I bought my first Chihuahua last Saturday and I am absolutely in love. Amber and I are best friends already - heading out for two walks a day, playing in the park and spending lots of time training commands - I love her. She's KC registered and...
  10. Chihuahua Rescue
    IDK if I should put this somewhere else, But I am fostering a male, 9mo old un neutered chi named Peppy, I got him a rope toy and a loofa dog to share with the other foster that my sister is getting (They each have their own rope):) Peppy will be here tommorrow along with Peanut (Other foster...
  11. Chi chat
    I hate when people pick on the chi breed. Like "Oh, look at that little rat." :foxes15: "EEEEKKKK! IT'S A RATTTT!!!!!!!":foxes15::foxes15: They arn't slimey, they arn't gross, their hearts are bigger than a Great Dane's Heart. They should not be treated like rats:foxes15::foxes15:. They are...
  12. Chi chat Poor thing. She looks really scared...
  13. Chi chat
    I'd like names for my to be little darling shelter dog. :) Pics- NOTE I am allowed to post these on Chi people. :)
  14. Chihuahua Questions
    Whenever I walk in the door, my female dog wags her tail furiously, making all sorts of noises. She shows her teeth like she's "Smiling" or something. She doesn't bite, even if you put your hand right by her. She just kisses it. She's happy, yet she's showing her teeth. Does anybody else...
1-14 of 21 Results