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  1. Chihuahua Health
    Hi! I'm not able to get Bella in to the vet for a while so I'm hoping maybe someone has seen this before?? Both of her ear tips are very dry with yellow crusts. They don't seem to bother her, no itching at all. Does anyone know what this could be or how to help treat it? Thank you so much in...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I am new on here, hoping to get some insight. First off - I have 2 chi's - a one year old and a 4 month old as well as 2 Jack Russell's. Crazy bunch! The chi I got most recently came from someone that never should have any dogs. My feeling is something fishy was going on...
  3. Chihuahua Health
    So my Chi has had some issue from time to time and the newest one is ear scratching and sadly I didn't realize it until It was now kinda bald. Only one ear. I put aloe on it, and the next day Vasoline, it seems to have helped since hes not scratching it as much now. What would make him do...
1-3 of 3 Results