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  1. how much to feed

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, First of all I tried to post in other area but was not permitted so please excuse my posting questions here. I am a newbie to Chihuahuas. I have owned larger dogs and my last dog was a Yorkie and I'm afraid an overweight Yorkie. So how much do I feed my puppy? I have had her home 3 weeks...
  2. Help Please. Raw Feeding & itching

    Raw Food
    I started Bentley on raw last week, he loves his meal times now. Long story short, he is partial to a nice butt scratch however since switching to raw he has drove me mad at night time specially getting up and scratching his behind on the carpet and nibbling his back legs. This morning i...
  3. Unable to buy good dog food

    Chihuahua Diet and Nutrition
    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I live in Egypt (on the beach not in Cairo!) and it's impossible to buy good quality dog food here. The kibble sold is mostly for large dogs as most folks here prefer large breeds and it looks and smells disgusting anyway! Canned...
  4. Help!! 1.6oz pup

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I need some advice, my chihuahua bitch gave birth to 3 pups 4 days ago, two were normal size (around 3- 5oz) but one little boy was born weighing 1.6oz. I am worried about him, because he hasn't gained as much weight as the others, who have gained around 20 grams each but he has only gained...
  5. Found a Chihuahua, what to feed?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi, I found a Chihuahua late last night and haven't been successful in finding her owner yet. I am used to bigger dogs and am a little unsure of what to feed her. She seems to be a teacup, she is extremely small! Until I hopefully find her human, what is a proper diet for her. She...