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  1. Seresto collar?

    Chihuahua Health
    Anyone have any experience with the Seresto collar? I'm considering it for our chi/pug mix, since she seems to attract ticks bad, even with flea/tick preventative on. If not, what would you suggest as the best way to keep ticks off your dog? I really don't want any of our babies to get Lyme...
  2. Natural flea treatment

    Chihuahua Health
    Hi. I'm new here :) I have a 4 year old Chihuahua. Recently I found out that she has fleas. My dog eats only natural food (and unfortunately more expensive) and I'm trying to avoid any kind of chemicals. The problem is the fleas. How do I get rid of them without using these super expensive...
  3. Activyl

    Chihuahua Health
    Hi everyone, My boyfriend has a client who is a vet and she recommended Activyl for Abu's flea dermatitis. Activyl Plus Tick (the variety I wouldn't be using) touts that it was shown to produce no side effects even when applied at 5x the dosage on dogs and puppies. However, it's still new to...
  4. Flea preventive

    Chihuahua Questions
    I have a neighbor in my building who has a brand new chi, i'm guessing its about 6 months old, maybe a little younger. Her kids found it so she isnt sure of its age as no one has come forth to claim it. She was going to go out and get a 3 in 1 flea collar but i've heard of some dogs being...