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  1. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi all! Beatrice is a 4 month old chihuahua-Maltese mix. She weighs 5.6 lbs! We believe her her dad was a short hair chihuahua and her mother is full Maltese. Her litter mate definitely has a short coat, and was quite tan. Beatrice is scraggly looking and has mostly white hair, but now has some...
  2. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi All: Baby girl is a mix of Pomerian and Chihuahua she looks mostly Chi to me. My question is , is she going to be a long hair or short hair Chi. She is still young and already her coloring is changing as she grows. Just wondering.
  3. Chihuahua Health
    I have a chihuahua named Jojo who is about 4 years old who I adopted in spring of 2011. He never had hair on his tail. But in December of 2012 we noticed a small amount of hair loss on him in the middle of his back. Since then, his hair loss has spread. His back is patchy, his back-legs and...
  4. Chi Chat
    As to how my new puppies hair will fill in. He is a chihuahua papillon cross. His undercoat is blond and his guard hairs are very long, some are black some blond. He also has a little black beard. The hair is not thick but kind of sparse. Any ideas? I have new pics in the photo forum. His...
  5. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi, my 5 m/o long haired chihuahua doesn't seem to have a lot of hair, do I need to consult a doctor? Also, she keeps licking the floor non-stop! Why does she do that, I don't want her to get ill from licking something off the floor. But I have started washing the floor daily due to her nasty...
  6. Chihuahua Questions
    I have 5 Chi's here that live with me, along with a Maltese and a Pekingese. Charlie is a 2 1/2 yr old and has been chewing and licking on Lizzy's beautiful long hair all day. I just looked and noticed that he has chewed two bald spots on her! Why would he do this? I put him on the other...
1-6 of 6 Results