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  1. Hello! And one question

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    Hello everyone! I have had my puppy for five days and madly in love with that little guy. He is 5-month-old long-haired Chihuahua we named Calvin. I have had dogs before, they have been much larger. I had a great big golden doodle and a miniature poodle mix. I used to think of the poodle as a...
  2. Newbie!

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    Hello everyone! My name is Bex, I am from New Mexico and I just found this site. I have been looking for a chi community to call home for a while, I recently found this place while researching some chi information and I am excited to be here! I have two little guys, Rook who is the baby at...
  3. I'm new here :P

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    Hello :) I'm new here, and this is technically my first dog forum too. This is my chihuahua Jon Snow (named after the character from Game of Thrones) in my icon picture. He's black, long haired and has a white spot on the chest. It won't let me post more pictures from my computer sadly :(
  4. Meet Alien, the Swaghuahua

    Chihuahua Pictures
    This introverted author just doesn't function well when she doesn't have to clean dog hair off her clothes, get up in the cold morning to let her little companion relieve his bladder, or stay seated for extended periods of time because someone fell asleep on her lap. And she doesn't take losing...
  5. Newbie to site

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    Hello :wave: I am a new Chi mother. I just got her at the beginning of this month from a shelter. Her name is Saki Bomb and she is 2. She is short haired.
  6. allo all

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    Hiyas, I am Mandy from Texas and the proud mom of a 6 week old baby Chihuahua, (we were told she was older) just saying hello to everyone and I will say i am kind of a Noob with having a puppy but she is growing like a weed, her name is Bobbi and she is full of energy and cute!!
  7. Hello From Newbies Sarah & Candy!

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    Hello Friends! :hello2: My name is Sarah. I have a 5 year old Deer-Head Chihuahua named Candy aka Mama. People say she looks like a miniature reindeer. She is my little wild child! :toothy7: I look forward to meeting other Chihuahua Owners/Lovers! :love5:
  8. New Chi Baby Owner :)

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    Hey All, My name is Kellie & I'm a new (kinda) owner to a gorgeous boy - His name is Ben and he is a long haired Chihuahua Male. He was born on March 17th, Currently five months old (as of today). I'm excited to get to talking with other people who are/have experienced some of the same things...
  9. Hello!

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    Hi everyone, I adopted my first Chihuahua with my boyfriend last week. Our dog, Brewster, is a 4-year-old (approximately) shelter dog and we have had him for exactly 8 days today :) I've been lurking around on here for the past week or so, right after we brought out dog home, so I thought I'd...
  10. Yep, I'm here!

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    I love that this site is available! I am a long time fan and owner of chi's. I have owned a total of 4 in the past 16 years. My newest family member is a 7 month old chi mix named Cupcake. Now my husband and I have been married for a little over a year and we don't plan on having children any...
  11. Newbie! :D

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    Hey everyone! I just joined because I love my chi's , and I'd love to have a community to talk about them, share stories, pics, and concerns! I have two chihuahuas, one that is 5 years old, Taquito, and one that is turning three ( tomorrow! ) named Joeb [like, Job in the bible. We just spell it...
  12. introducing my chi to new family pet bella another chi

    Chihuahua Questions
    i have a question for u guys. i hope u could help me and give me some advice. i have a chi named charlie whos 1 and1/2 years old and male. we have two cats he gets along with ok. the hardest part is socializing him though with other dogs at the park[ even with doggy day care]. we just got a new...
  13. New Member

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    Hi ~ I found a Chihuahua late last night and until I find her owner, I thought I would see how to properly care for her. I started a thread asking how to properly feed her (not used to a dog so teeny tiny!) :o So until I find her owner, you will probably see me around asking dumb questions...