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  1. Wendell

    Chi chat
    I'm so excited to be adopting a new chihuahua. His name is Wendell and he's a blue merle smooth coat chihuahua. He's currently about 6 weeks old and will be ready to come live with me, my partner, our two other chihuahuas, Jasper and Marlowe, around December 1. I posted photos of all 3 chihuahuas.
  2. Meet Liam and offer thoughts?

    Chihuahua Pictures
    This is my little heartthrob, pound pup, Liam! He's a merle chi, which I understand is a dominant gene (so, therefore, had to be present in one of the parents, right?), but his brother looks nothing like him color-wise (beige babe with a splash of dark down his back and at the end of his tail)...
  3. AKC Merle's in the ring?

    Chihuahua Showing and Conformation
    I love my merle chi. His dad is a CH and his mother was CH sired, with lots of CH in the lines. Mine is very pretty, I have no idea if he is built for conformation. I don't really care right now, but anyway I went to a local show and saw a few very nice long and short hair merle colored chis...
  4. Heyyy, newbie here!

    New Member Introductions
    Milli, Alfie and Beau! :) Hello! I'm from Austin, Texas, and I currently have 3 chihuahuas, who are truly the loves of my life. One fawn smooth-coat (Milli CKC), one long-coat tri-color (Alfie AKC), and now one rough-coat merle (Beau AKC). Milli, my first is now 2 1/2, is the momma bear of...