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  1. Chi Chat
    Hi my 11 week chihuahua pup has bright blue eyes and he is a chocolate color. not sure what he is mixed with he’s been to the vet health is great , he’s having a dna test done . Just curious because my almost one year old chihuahua jack russel mix has had green eyes since she was a small 8 weeks.
  2. Chi Chat
    Hi guys ! So I got my baby girl ,Luna, 6mo spayed on Thursday the 23rd, she’s been okay I think?? She has two external stitches and I’m worried because she won’t lay down much, she’ll stand in her bed or sit and start falling asleep even. They gave her tramadol but im weary of giving it to her...
  3. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi, my daughters chihuahua is in pain. She is usually the most active and playful out of the three chihuahua's we have. For the past week she's been in a lot of pain. She tries to play but instead she'll hold her head low and cry in pain. If she sits still for a while, she'll feel better, but...
  4. New Member Introductions
    hi im leiah from fl. :coolwink: im alittle confused on somethings about chihuahua people, but i cant believe all of the pics that ive seen of peoples chihuahuas. im so naive and i forgot that everything and every chihuahua looks different. anyway i really like this site so far and i would love...
1-4 of 4 Results