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  1. New to Chi's; questions: burrowing+overheating, clothes, taste preferences, scolding

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    Hello! I'll take the first section of this post for an introduction, and the second portion for some questions; so if you're not an introduction type, you can skip right on to the second part! :wave: since nobody knows my Chi yet, I'll mostly focus on a little background for him. His actual name...
  2. 7 Weeks Old/Help appreciated please

    Chihuahua Health
    Hi, im really hoping you could all offer us some advice. We were orginally picking up our little boy next week when he would be 8 weeks old however the woman has called to let us know we can pick him up this friday when he will be 7 weeks. Im quite nervous about this as ive been reading on here...
  3. Hello From Newbies Sarah & Candy!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Friends! :hello2: My name is Sarah. I have a 5 year old Deer-Head Chihuahua named Candy aka Mama. People say she looks like a miniature reindeer. She is my little wild child! :toothy7: I look forward to meeting other Chihuahua Owners/Lovers! :love5:
  4. waiting for my baby end of this week :) help..x

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    :p hy everyone, i get my beautifull baby on sunday i cant wait :).... so all advice for his move to his new home? etc would be brilliant ! chew bones which would be best ? and at what age do i start these? will my lil boy be ok to sleep in his bed that night ? hell be 12 weeks when i get...
  5. New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi ~ I found a Chihuahua late last night and until I find her owner, I thought I would see how to properly care for her. I started a thread asking how to properly feed her (not used to a dog so teeny tiny!) :o So until I find her owner, you will probably see me around asking dumb questions...