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  1. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi All! I have a one year old chihuhua female (spayed) named Pixel who I've had for the last 8 months. She's paper trained and goes in a litter box filled with newspapers when we're at home. She has been really great, we haven't had any major issues with her for months, and we can leave her at...
  2. Chihuahua Questions
    Yes dear friends, I think I have to introduce my two puppies, Jacques and Isabelle...Isabelle is marvellous, she's clean and polite, relieves herself on the absorbent pad, but Jacques is terrible, perhaps he wants to mark his territory, and he makes poop and pee everywhere in my
  3. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi guys, Sorry that I haven't been very active on this forum lately. My husband and I have been super busy moving from Germany to the US!!! We really enjoy the area and our new apartment. :) Along with our new apartment comes the fact that we now have a carpet (instead of a hard wood floor in...
  4. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi I am new to this board and need some desperate help with potty issues! I apologize if this is a bit long. I have a 5 month old female chihuahua that we recently purchased from a breeder. Her name is "Sheila" and she currently weighs about 1.75 pounds. The issue is, I cannot get her to "poop"...
  5. Chihuahua Questions
    Had an altercation with Kali.. let me explain.. She went in two spots on the bed. Me and my guy had had some adult time earlier and she went right where we had been. The sheets were due for a wash anyways.. and I Borax'ed the bed (BEST STUFF for wet spots!!) so that wasn't an issue. This is...
1-5 of 5 Results