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  1. First time Chi parent

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. My name is Mina and my mom and I adopted a chihuahua about 2 years ago. He may be a little bit of a mix. We were actually just supposed to foster him, but once he was here I couldn't give him up. We don't know his whole story, just that he was found on the streets of the inner city and was...
  2. Need desperate Help with Potty Issues!

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi I am new to this board and need some desperate help with potty issues! I apologize if this is a bit long. I have a 5 month old female chihuahua that we recently purchased from a breeder. Her name is "Sheila" and she currently weighs about 1.75 pounds. The issue is, I cannot get her to "poop"...
  3. Need help with Chihuahua please!!!!

    New Member Introductions
    I bought a tea cup chihuahua when he was six to 8 weeks old. I thought we were doing pretty good. I first started taking him outside and then because it was so cold and he only weighed 1lb 4 ounces I decided to just use puppy pads in my laundry room. Right away he would not go all night in his...