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  1. Chihuahua Questions
    My 3-years old long-haired chihuahua, Angel, have been spoiled since getting back with me from my daddy's. I have room mates who feed her turkey, jerky, chicken, different treats and basically anything we would eat meat wise. She been getting this since being up here. She would eat her Purina...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow Chi lovers, I am new here and signed up because I thought "what better way is there to learn about my new Chihuahua puppy than from other Chihuahua owners?" I have a four and a half month old, tan, apple head Chi named Rooney. My current issue with Rooney is that he seems to be...
  3. Chihuahua Questions
    Mirdle has decided not to eat her Innova small bites chicken kibble. She used to love it and eat it dry. No more. I have tried Evo small bites, Evanger's Chicken drummet wet over her kibble, which she liked at first. I have tried Natural Balance dinner roll in beef. She likes something for a few...
1-3 of 3 Results