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  1. Does your Chi fetch??

    Chihuahua Questions
    I am having a hard time teaching my rescue chi-mix to play. He is now ~8.5 years old. He is mixed with some kind of terrier & is 11+ lbs. He LOVES to go on walks & sniff; he also is very cuddly, though not a couch-potato personality (I find him to be sensitive & bright). I'd give him an A-minus...
  2. Was she... playing?

    New Member Introductions
    Rose has never played before. She mostly ignores any toy I've got her. Even the Kong treat toy, she gives it a few sniffs and licks but that's about it. If a treat happens to fall out, awesome. I heard that this sometimes happens with rescue dogs? Anyway tonight Rosemary was laying on her back...
  3. Roughhousing

    Chi chat
    So, The day has come and gone since I brought Bruce home last week. I am now the proud owner of 2 chi babies :) both from the same breeder :) Here's what Im noticing: My house is now a constant day in day out UFC Match. These boys do not stop roughhousing. Should I not be letting them play...
  4. Healthy weight for a Chi & more questions

    Chi chat
    I have read that all Chi's should be under 6 lbs. Is this so? My Chi is 4lb 6oz, so she does fall into this category- but I was just wondering if that is a healthy weight. Also, does anyone else have trouble getting their chi to gain? Ousi (my little girl!) seems a little skinny to me. She eats...