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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello! My name is Ivyann and I signed up to find some info out so I thought I'd make an intro post. I'm 21, I like reading, knitting, video games, and of course animals! I love law, I plan to be a paralegal in family law. Olive is my puppy, shes half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian. (A pomchi!)...
  2. Chi chat
    no matter what i have tried my poor babys eyes still have gunk around them bottoms. i bought the stain removal pads, i have even used a toothbrush with water and got most of the gunk off his fur around his eye corners, but it is always always coming it his food, or the shampoo that i...
  3. Chi chat
    That breeder that docks pomchi tails put up another ad! Flag it please!! I contacted the Cleaveland, NC humane society about this woman. I haven't gotten a response yet, but keep your fingers crossed!
1-3 of 3 Results