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potty training

  1. my barking Chi

    Chihuahua Questions
    Do You Love Chihuahuas Even If They Love Barking At Big Dogs? - Dogisto - Dog News & Dog Videos nice article to share, and yes my dog thinks he's big and does bark at bigger dogs. Why?
  2. Chi Scouts what fun

    Chi chat
    Today one of our customers for Piddle Place stopped by our booth to share her story of Chi Scouts. Has anyone heard of this? It was new to me, and really fun. Everyone gets together and takes their Chi camping, or on outings. They actually earn merit badges. I love it Kathy
  3. Housebreaking at Global Pet Expo

    Chihuahua Pictures
    Thanks to all you Chi owners and breeders. We so appreciate your kind words and photos. If you are still out and about, stop by our booth 1856 We have a treat for our Chi family Kathy
  4. Housebreaking and potty training

    Chihuahua Questions
    Greetings my Chi family? Are any of you coming to Global Pet Expo? Please stop by and introduce yourself in person We are in booth 1856 Bring your furry friend. A quick question, today someone sent me a photo of their ChiWeinie on the Piddle Place. What is a ChiWeine please?
  5. Need Info

    Chihuahua Questions
    I just recently rescued a Chi and she is approx 3 years old. She is a good dog, however, she can't get paper trained and the reason given up and in different homes. How can you train an adult dog?? She also sneaks food from her bowl when I'm not watching. I am open for ideas and solutions!!
  6. Difficulties Potty Training a Rescue Chi

    Chihuahua Training
    A couple of months ago, my roommate and I came across an abandoned chihuahua and have decided to keep her. She has warmed up to us and is very obedient and loving. Our only problem thus far has been the housebreaking. Every once in a while, she will sneak into the bathroom (one of the only...
  7. 1 yr old chi/dasch potty training nightmare

    Chihuahua Training
    Ahhh, Coco! You little ball of anxiety :rolleyes: Coco hasn't had a BM since she went to the vet on Monday. Her last one was Monday morning. She's been either in the kennel (in the room with me except at night), in my lap (a lot of the day yesterday), or outside. She's had two doses of worm...
  8. Hello from the biggest little city in the world!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello from Reno, NV! I'm Brian and my wife's name is Kat. We're proud owners of two chihuahuas! Pixie Age: 3 years, 8 months Weight: ~ 5.5 lbs. Color: White on Tan w/White Tips Head: Deer Personality: Perhaps the sweetest dog/person you'll ever meet. Cuddles, licks and love. Playful, at...
  9. 2 yr old still not trained, help!

    Chihuahua Training
    Need help potty training, please! I'm very new to this site and also new to owning a chihuahua. I have a 3 year old shih tzu and got him when he was a puppy and trained him very well and now he never uses the bathroom inside but Lola is a different story. Sometimes she uses pee pads or goes...
  10. First time Chi owner - first week home

    New Member Introductions
    I am the new owner of my first Chihuahua, an (almost) 9 week old little girl named Mia. She is delightful some of the time and a complete troublemaker most of the time. She is doing very well with crate training but has not been able to eliminate in her designated spot (a puppy training pad for...
  11. Potty Training...Need HELP!!!

    Chihuahua Questions
    I have spent the past two years diligently trying to potty train my babies! I have never experienced dogs that would not potty train. They KNOW when they go where they're not supposed to because as soon as they see me approaching the area they run and hide. They have wee pads in two areas of the...
  12. Need help with house training

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello. My grandfather had a 4 yr old chihuahua that he had since it was a puppy. She was house trained and had been very good for him. He passed away last spring and me and my wife volunteered to take her in. We have another dog and have always been really good with being able to train a dog...
  13. Ava's Chi Chit Chat

    Member's chi diarys
    After a rocky start, Gracie has learned to potty outside. While she was learning, we put up an industrial work site style accident sign, just to keep a sense of humor about us. I was so proud of making it to day 2, we took this picture. While I was posting it to Facebook, beeming with...
  14. Newbie with Potty Training Issues :(

    New Member Introductions
    Hey this is my first chi ( previous owner of a Rockweiler & Shitzhu ) . Her name is Fiesty. she's about 4 months. I've had her for almost a week now. The first few days she immediately took to using the doggy pads but she wouldnt poop on it ( poops outside ) . nd now she pees everywhere...
  15. Potty training quandry. Please Help!

    Chihuahua Questions
    I saw a thread on here last night about potty training, but by the time I registered and came back today I couldn’t find it, so I am going to make a new one. I hope that’s okay. Sorry this post is going to be a bit of a novella, because I want to let you know what all I have tried so that...
  16. I really need help (house training)

    Chihuahua Questions
    I'm having a horrible time with potty training our little Peanut. He's not quite 4 months old yet, and the first week or so we had him, he did PERFECT with the puppy pad....NO accidents at all. Then we had to leave him overnight b/c we had to take my husband back to the airport after his leave...
  17. Sensei's ugodog thread

    Chi chat
    Hello everyone! So far, Nugget is being very good about asking to go outside when he needs to potty, and he's become quite adept at using the potty pad and/or litter box when he can't get outside. However, I've decided to give the ugodog system a try. It's supposed to arrive on Friday, so...