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  1. Pregnant or not? How do I know

    Chihuahua Questions
    Yoohoo, I've only ever had big lady dogs and not bred them. Not too long ago I got little Luna and I was told she wasn't in heat or they didn't think she was. I think she might have been in later stages, I thought she had a little discharge but nothing that I'd have said was abnormal, and since...
  2. introducing chi to whelping box

    New Member Introductions
    my bitch (Poppy) is currently 50 days into pregnancy. I have had the whelping box set up and in its corner for the last 4 days but she has absolutely no interest in it. in fact, she is avoiding it at all costs! I don't want to force her into it because then she will be even less likely to enter...
  3. To be or not to heat?

    Chihuahua Questions
    As you all know my sweet puppy Isabelle is in heat, I had to separate her from her mate Jacques to avoid the question is how can I understand when she's not in heat any more? I'm looking forward to take her back to Jacques and watch them play like here... Any advice...
  4. New Puppy!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey, so i just got a new puppy, she is a chihuahua, she is 11 months old. Her name is Mallie. She was a little shy at first, but is warming up wonderfully. I'm starting to kinda freak out a bit tho, cuz, when her previous owners gave her to me, they said she just came out of heat, and was around...
  5. Pregnant chihuahua 5 weeks!

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi everyone, wanted to say hello because im new to this site and because i have a question :) My 3 year old chihuahua - called babie is pregnant. had her vet checked and been told that everything is fine so im happy, but i personally cant help but wonder if her tummy is a bit small. she is 5...