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  1. Chihuahua Health
    I started adding veggies to my 5 year old chihuahuas kibble. Mostly broccoli and green beans, or carrots and sweet potatoes. We also just got a new chihuahua puppy and she’s been having accidents in the house. My 5 year old chi rarely had potty accidents in the house before. And we already had...
  2. Chi chat
    It Friday afternoon, and almost quitting time here. If like me, you are headed home to your furry friend, thing about them waiting for you. Get home, tail thumping, eyes glowing, jump jump jump...moms home, lets go out and play My thought for you this evening Take a look and get home! they...
  3. Chihuahua Questions
    New Puppy? Remember to consider the best indoor dog potty . Allow your pet comfort and dignity for times you can't be home No messy puppy pads, no more accidents. No odor, no contact with pet waste. ..and discount to our Chihuahua family. Use discount code piddle10 Thank you for considering us.
  4. Chi chat
    Today one of our customers for Piddle Place stopped by our booth to share her story of Chi Scouts. Has anyone heard of this? It was new to me, and really fun. Everyone gets together and takes their Chi camping, or on outings. They actually earn merit badges. I love it Kathy
  5. Chihuahua Pictures
    Thanks to all you Chi owners and breeders. We so appreciate your kind words and photos. If you are still out and about, stop by our booth 1856 We have a treat for our Chi family Kathy
  6. Chihuahua Questions
    Greetings my Chi family? Are any of you coming to Global Pet Expo? Please stop by and introduce yourself in person We are in booth 1856 Bring your furry friend. A quick question, today someone sent me a photo of their ChiWeinie on the Piddle Place. What is a ChiWeine please?
  7. Chihuahua Questions
    Hey my Chi family and friends. Our office team thought that reaching out to PetGuide to advertise on the PetGuide sites will help make sure these forums are around in the future. I wanted to hear from you, since I access this website as myself, Piddle Place, is search of your photos and good...
  8. Links and Products
    If you are having housebreaking issues with your Chi, we might help. The piddleplace is an environmentally friendly, cost effective option to messy puppy pads or expensive dog walkers. Piddle Place Home Page - Piddle Place Our patented valve drain system quickly directs pet waste into an...
1-8 of 14 Results