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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'll take the first section of this post for an introduction, and the second portion for some questions; so if you're not an introduction type, you can skip right on to the second part! :wave: since nobody knows my Chi yet, I'll mostly focus on a little background for him. His actual name...
  2. Chihuahua Questions
    does anyone use the piddle place? i live in an apartment and was planning on litter training my new puppy (get her exactly one month from tomorrow) but i just discovered piddleplace through an ad on this site. so just wondering if anyone actually uses it or if its just a $100+ gimmick
  3. Chi chat
    It Friday afternoon, and almost quitting time here. If like me, you are headed home to your furry friend, thing about them waiting for you. Get home, tail thumping, eyes glowing, jump jump jump...moms home, lets go out and play My thought for you this evening Take a look and get home! they...
  4. Chihuahua Questions
    New Puppy? Remember to consider the best indoor dog potty . Allow your pet comfort and dignity for times you can't be home No messy puppy pads, no more accidents. No odor, no contact with pet waste. ..and discount to our Chihuahua family. Use discount code piddle10 Thank you for considering us.
  5. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi guys, Sorry that I haven't been very active on this forum lately. My husband and I have been super busy moving from Germany to the US!!! We really enjoy the area and our new apartment. :) Along with our new apartment comes the fact that we now have a carpet (instead of a hard wood floor in...
1-5 of 13 Results