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  1. Hiya from Brighton, UK - Expecting first chi puppy in July

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    Hi! I'm Claire, I'm a video artist who lives in Brighton UK, I'm picking I'm my female longhair chi puppy in July and I'm looking to meet other owners and learn as many things as I can along the way. I've always been a planner and list maker so I'm really trying to pick up all the information I...
  2. Hello! And one question

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    Hello everyone! I have had my puppy for five days and madly in love with that little guy. He is 5-month-old long-haired Chihuahua we named Calvin. I have had dogs before, they have been much larger. I had a great big golden doodle and a miniature poodle mix. I used to think of the poodle as a...
  3. new chi daddy

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    hello! i've wanted a chihuahua for years and i'm finally getting one a month and a day before my 20th birthday :love4: on june 11th i'll be welcoming my baby home and this seems like the perfect place for me :-)
  4. New chi in home... need advice, etc..

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    Hi friends! I am new to this thread but ever so thankful I found it. I have a new 3 month old female/spayed chi in my home - her name is Ruby. She was a rescue from a organization based out of California (so my little girl had to take a flight across country to get to me here in Maine.) I have...
  5. Need advice

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    Hello, I am new here! I posted a few days ago but it won't let me post in any other forum, but I really need some help! I took my little guy home about 2 weeks ago, he was 10 weeks. He was great the first week, he ate and played. He got a clean bill of health from my vet, his stool sample...
  6. Puppy will not settle in!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there please pardon my stress but I haven't slept in many days I currently have purchased a Chihuahua short hair Apple Head which was born March 2nd 2016 I have had him now for a week and a half and he hasn't had his first Veterinary visit. The vet says the soft spot on his head is still...
  7. Is My Puppy Adult-ing?

    Chihuahua Questions
    I recently started a thread about how my puppy becomes a bit of a butt when seeing other dogs on walks. Well two days this past week he was a LOT better. Nothing had changed that I can think of, he just seemed calmer throughout the whole day. Mostly he laid around at home afterwards, but...
  8. Adolescent Puppy Advice!

    Chihuahua Questions
    My male puppy is nearly 9 months old and deep into adolescence. I've noticed ever since he hit puberty he's been totally on edge when we go out for walks. He's always looking around, and when I stop at a sniffing place he can hardly sniff without looking around some more. When we first leave...
  9. Too much play and exercise?

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    Hi could I have some advice on how much active play my 4 month should be having. My father sometimes dog sits when I'm at work and Lola loves playing ( running around, chasing etc) with his little dog ( Olly, a 1 year bishion)and doesn't know when to quit. They're never left alone and he's very...
  10. Wendell

    Chi chat
    I'm so excited to be adopting a new chihuahua. His name is Wendell and he's a blue merle smooth coat chihuahua. He's currently about 6 weeks old and will be ready to come live with me, my partner, our two other chihuahuas, Jasper and Marlowe, around December 1. I posted photos of all 3 chihuahuas.
  11. 7 week chihuahua with aggression issues

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I have owned this chihuahua for 8 days now. Yes, 6 weeks is very early, but I got him with fleas and ear infections. :( Sometimes he can be super lovable, but other time he can be aggressive with me. I know that biting is normal for a pup, but sometimes I will pet him or pick him up and he...
  12. Getting a New Chi

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    Hey guys, I'm new here and i am getting myself a furry friend named faith.I was wandering, what are some things i need for my little girl:confused::confused: Thank you everyone!
  13. Hello!

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    Hello! I am new on here, hoping to get some insight. First off - I have 2 chi's - a one year old and a 4 month old as well as 2 Jack Russell's. Crazy bunch! The chi I got most recently came from someone that never should have any dogs. My feeling is something fishy was going on...
  14. First Time Chihuahua Mom and Loving it!

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    Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me join your group! We just got our first Chihuahua, black and white long haired, Josie, a few weeks ago and she is a pure joy. I've had dogs all my life (currently have 3 and 3 cats) but never such a tiny, itty-bitty lovable pup like Josie! She loves kids, runs...
  15. New Chihuahua Owner--Please Help.

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    Hi, I'm Ashley. I am the proud owner of a chihuahua puppy named Zeus. He is about 12 weeks old. I have never had a chihuahua, and I haven't had a puppy in a long time. He really started teething this week...chewing on everything in sight. I have noticed that he is eating significantly less over...
  16. Biting and growling

    Chihuahua Training
    My little Walter is 11 weeks old and he can be the calmest sweetest puppy at times; however, there are times when he seems to turn into a little demon. Biting is one of the main concerns I have; however, he is also started to growl or "talk back" at times when he's doing something he's not...
  17. Please help -Diarrhea

    Chihuahua Questions
    My 11 week puppy started having diarrhea on Sunday. I did not change his food and he did not get into anything. I contacted the individual that we purchased the puppy from, as he had stated to do so if the pup started having diarrhea. He provided a few suggestions for us, including giving the...
  18. Is this normal or is this bad?

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi everyone, I just had my little pup a week ago and she had been acting really weird. She was 8 weeks old when I got her and she's 9 weeks now. First off, she is very very very clingy. Wherever I go she would just follow me. If I go to the restroom, she would just whine and cry the whole...
  19. Just here to say Hello

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, My name is Jeff and i just recently got a chihuahua. My chihuahua is 8 weeks old when i got her and this week she turned 9 weeks old. I joined because I wanted to get some help and tips on how to give my chihuahua a good treatment. Thanks! BTW I named my account Jane because...
  20. Something strange going on with her!!

    Chihuahua Health
    so my chi is about 6 months old shes had her shots and shes been fixed last month but for the past 2 days all of a sudden she has started to act like shes chewing on something but when i go to open her mouth i dont see anything i watched a whole bunch of youtube vids on distemper and i am now...