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  1. Chi Virgin, totally converted!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm Jess and I have 2 Chis :) A long haired wee girl called Bindi, she's 6. I also have a naughty short haired boy called Oscar, he's about 8 months. I have had them both about 4 months now. They came from a breeder who was going to euthanise them if they couldn't be rehomed. I got Oscar...
  2. AKC Merle's in the ring?

    Chihuahua Showing and Conformation
    I love my merle chi. His dad is a CH and his mother was CH sired, with lots of CH in the lines. Mine is very pretty, I have no idea if he is built for conformation. I don't really care right now, but anyway I went to a local show and saw a few very nice long and short hair merle colored chis...
  3. Controlling sexual behaviour in show dogs

    Chihuahua Showing and Conformation
    I'm in quite a dilemma really as at the beginning of August I bought a bitch puppy for showing, but about a week ago Casper our other male show dog starting being sexual around her to the point that he can't relax. I took the bitch pup to the vet to see if she is having some kind of early...
  4. Misbehaviour in ring

    Chihuahua Showing and Conformation
    Hi Chihuahua experts, I'm very new to Chihuahua breeding and showing, and hope that someone here might be able to help me. My wife and I have a 10 month old longhair bitch bred from champion lines. On her first show entry (puppy class, at 7 months) she won the challenge. Her behaviour in the...