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  1. Side effects after vaccinations.

    Chihuahua Health
    What are common side effects after Bordetella and DHLPP vaccines? My chihuahua just got them again this year. Last year she was sluggish but this time she is again sluggish and her stools are a lighter brown color. Is that normal? If not what causes lighter brown stools when there was no change...
  2. My 6 year old chihuahua still having irregular stools.

    Chihuahua Health
    Is it normal for the second half of the poop to be softer and harder to pick up? I tried picking up the whole thing in one piece but the second half of her stool was harder to pick up.. Anyways our vet suggested that we switch her food to something with a completely different protein. So we...
  3. poops poops and more poops!

    Chihuahua Questions
    I feed Coco Fromm 4 star grain free kibbles a little less than 1/4 cup morning and same at night. Her stools are really nice but she poops so much! today, 6 times! all nice normal firm stools. Her weight is good, healthy happy. I do not want to switch to raw or home cooked food so that is out...