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  1. scary experience post spay surgery and lump removal

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    Hello, I'm a happy owner of 2 female chihuahuas (both 10 years old), and want to provide my feedback about a scary and stressful experience I've had with our white one. I thought I was going to lose her after a surgery session where she was spayed and had a lump removed from her chest area...
  2. Vet says that it isn't ok to remove all of Chihuahua's teeth

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    Hello- I took my recently rescued, 10 year old, male chihuahua to the vet today to examine his mouth. He has only 3 teeth left in his mouth on his lower jaw that are horribly discolored and his gums are inflamed. As a result his breath is unbelievable. It's so bad that it affects the time...
  3. Considering not neutering. Need advice.

    Chihuahua Health
    Hi everyone, I'm new on here. My chorkie puppy (his moms a chihuahua, dads a yorkie) Charlie is 6 months old and he's in the middle of puberty. I don't intend to breed him, but I'm still unsure if i want to get him neutered. He's never around girl dogs and the chance for him to mate is not...
  4. Patellar Luxation - Surgery or no surgery?

    Chihuahua Health
    Anyone with any experience with patellar luxation, please, please help! I've been getting so many different opinions from veterinarians on whether or not my chihuahua should get surgery for his patellar luxation. He's 1 year and 9 months old. He's a deerhead chihuahua. He's 11 lbs (not...