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toilet training

  1. Biscuit is messing in the house. Some advice needed xxx

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    Hi all My little Biscuit has been good as gold in the short time I've had her. Fully house trained, no accidents. However I had to go away on weds for a funeral and didn't come back till thurs night and she started to toilet in the house. Do you think she was having a little protest coz I'd...
  2. Toilet Training

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi There, I have two Chi's Charlotte 2.5yrs and Moon 12 months. Both live in an apartment with me and were trained to use kitty litter with a turf cover. They were perfect with using their tray up until about 2 months ago when they were both desexed. Charlotte refuses to use her tray now and...
  3. Tray Toilet Training

    Chihuahua Questions
    I'm trying to train my 9 week old to toilet in a tray, and so far not really getting anywhere. I've had him for 5 days now, and at night he is left in a small puppy pen, with bed and bowl on one side, and the tray (with puppy pad) on the other. The rest of the pen is laid with newspaper. So far...
  4. Can't stop my Chi's peeing everywhere

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hey guys, I am desperate for some sage advice - i'm at the end of my tether! I have two Chi's, one short hair 3yo and one long hair 5yo. I live in a flat so they have a big indoor toilet, one of those boxes with fake grass on. This is in a sun room, it has it's own door etc. My first...