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  1. HELP my puppy won't stop biting me!

    Chihuahua Training
    so i got my puppy sunday and he really is lovely and so sweet and cuddly, and i love him to bits. he's catching onto potty training really quickly and walking on a leash.... less quickly, but i'm having one really big problem with him. when he wants to play, he bites, a lot, and really hard. it...
  2. New chi in home... need advice, etc..

    New Member Introductions
    Hi friends! I am new to this thread but ever so thankful I found it. I have a new 3 month old female/spayed chi in my home - her name is Ruby. She was a rescue from a organization based out of California (so my little girl had to take a flight across country to get to me here in Maine.) I have...
  3. Getting a New Chi

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I'm new here and i am getting myself a furry friend named faith.I was wandering, what are some things i need for my little girl:confused::confused: Thank you everyone!
  4. Biting and growling

    Chihuahua Training
    My little Walter is 11 weeks old and he can be the calmest sweetest puppy at times; however, there are times when he seems to turn into a little demon. Biting is one of the main concerns I have; however, he is also started to growl or "talk back" at times when he's doing something he's not...
  5. quick questions.

    Chihuahua Questions
    My partner and I adopted a female chihuahua of 1 month about a month and a half . And I loved her from the first moment and I have been curious about certain aspects of here. I have been told by the Veterinarian that Hakuna (that's her name) can't go outside until it's third vaccination and If...
  6. Chihuahua training delima

    Chihuahua Training
    Hey guys I have a 3.5 year old chihuahua named Ruby she's a great little dog got me through the tough times and enhances the good ones but we have had a life changed and moved back to the east coast of Canada. She has been trained to go on pee pads all her life with me (living downtown calgary...
  7. Rescued Chi - Reactive / Need Advice Pleaes

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi All - I'm a new group member that recently rescued a Chi from the "Small Breed Rescue" in Northern California. We originally rescued our little Dolly for our in-laws who had recently lost their Chi after 14 years. So Sad. I felt great as I boarded the plane to pick Dollly (a Red 5 year old...
  8. Chewing Question! :(

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hi there! I am a newbie here... We have 2 Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mixes that are just over a year old. They are very well behaved, fully potty trained, and very smart... When we are at home they are fantastic and rarely misbehave. I have been crating them together in a large crate while we...
  9. Difficulties Potty Training a Rescue Chi

    Chihuahua Training
    A couple of months ago, my roommate and I came across an abandoned chihuahua and have decided to keep her. She has warmed up to us and is very obedient and loving. Our only problem thus far has been the housebreaking. Every once in a while, she will sneak into the bathroom (one of the only...
  10. Need advice please!

    Chihuahua Training
    I'm not looking at the fact that they're Chihuahuas, I'm looking at the fact their dogs and I need help from dog-owners. so please help me! George and Bryan are two five year old Chihuahuas - brothers. As you can see, we've had them since well, birth. Here's Bryan now. Here's George...
  11. Getting a chi next week

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I am getting a black and white female puppy named Bitsy next week. I think she will be 8-10 weeks. I have never owned or trained a dog before as an adult although I grew up around teacup poodles. I am planning on litter box training her as I don't have a yard to speak of and also have...
  12. Making Progress with No Barking!

    Chihuahua Training
    I REALLY want to share this because I posted here a few years back about Teddy's barking issues. He's not one of those dogs that's super social with everyone. He doesn't care much about other dogs, doesn't really like strangers, he only tolerates the rest of my family.. Part of it is that I...
  13. House Training Problems after Neutering

    Chi chat
    I have an 8 Month old Chihuahua named Ben who I was so proud of when I finally got him fully house trained, No pee pads, Only going outside to do his business. I got him neutered a couple of weeks ago and noticed about a week ago that he was having a lot of accidents in the house. More frequent...
  14. No one will help me with the problems with my 1 year old chi!

    Chihuahua Questions
    problem 1#..well, i got him when he was 3 months old...i live in alaska and he refused to go to the bathroom outside, negative weather. so we gave him the puppy pads. he did pretty good after about 2 months...hes a year now and still wont go outside. no problem, we live in a busy apartment and...
  15. Hello Chihuahua People!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! How did I not know about this site until now?! What a brilliant place to come and get advise and share Chihuahua stories and pictures :p I am the owner of a beautiful 8 month old Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkshire terrier- although I cannot see much Yorkshire terrier!) named Joey. He...
  16. Potty Training...Need HELP!!!

    Chihuahua Questions
    I have spent the past two years diligently trying to potty train my babies! I have never experienced dogs that would not potty train. They KNOW when they go where they're not supposed to because as soon as they see me approaching the area they run and hide. They have wee pads in two areas of the...
  17. My new chihuaha

    Chihuahua Diet and Nutrition
    so i just bought a baby. he is 7.5 months old and i think that he may have been abused and malnourished. what can i do to get him to be less skidish and less afraid of us. also what can i feed him to fatten him up?
  18. Need help with house training

    Chihuahua Questions
    Hello. My grandfather had a 4 yr old chihuahua that he had since it was a puppy. She was house trained and had been very good for him. He passed away last spring and me and my wife volunteered to take her in. We have another dog and have always been really good with being able to train a dog...
  19. Scotland Chihuahua Socialisation

    Chihuahua Meetup
    Hi everyone Im going to organise a toy dog socialisation class, in Falkirk Central Scotland. Would any of you be interested in coming? Thanks :)
  20. Separation anxiety potty troubles?

    Chihuahua Questions
    My roommate recently got a Chihuahua from an acquaintance of his who could no longer keep her due to financial troubles. I also have a dog, a German Shepherd, but this question isn't about him. The woman he got Tosha from said that she was potty trained, but she keeps peeing and pooping in the...