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  1. Chihuahua Health
    Hey guys, I'm new to Chihuahua people and I was seeking some guidance on a little problem my dog has been having. He's 4 years old and around 6 pounds. For the past 2-ish weeks when we go out in the morning he's been chewing grass and will occasionally vomit up a white-yellow foamy substance...
  2. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi all, I've had my one year old chi for about 4 months now, and this morning when I woke up she had thrown up all over the house. Twice, it looked like food based (cheese maybe?) and a few times it was just some frothy puddles. I'm a new dog owner so I only have two settings: contentment...
  3. Chihuahua Questions
    Hi all, I'm a newbie here. I have a 10 weeks male chi that I bought a week ago. His name is Smeagol. I have some concerned here that I hope I can get answer from all of you. I brought Smeagol to vet yesterday for an exam. The vet said that he's all good and very healthy. He also got his shots...
1-3 of 3 Results