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:toothy7:Hello everyone! :toothy7:

Ponyo is still a bit sore (I can tell because she didn't practice her morning figure 8s around the livingroom!) but she's well enough to keep using our new furniture stairs and find a new spot to sleep!

We have a subwoofer that's out of commission we've stacked spare blankets on, and it is now a new "Ponyo Zone."

"Maybe we'll play tomorrow, Mom."

She also got a new pedicure to match her pink and black zebra collar! (we switched from pink leather to cloth because I think the leather is too cumbersome and rubs her fur off... we painted the day before our scare!)

:love2:She's still recuperating from her scary week :sad4:, but she never stops being adorable!!!:love2: Thank you all so much for looking, and for being lovely, supportive, wonderful Chi lovers!

:toothy4::toothy4:Hope You're Having A Lovely Spring!:toothy4::toothy4:

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O Ponyo I love your nails! sooo pretty :) The Ponyo zone is fab, so glad she's starting to feel better :)


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So glad Ponyo's recovering. She looks so cute with one ear under the blanket.
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