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2 girls & a boy!

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Bonita (the mommy chi) delivered one more girl at the vet yesterday. I called this morning and they said mom & babies are doing fine. So it looks like we will be able to get one of the girls. The other person wanting two puppies really wants a boy & girl. We are so thankful that these three made it and that Bonita did fine. My husband asked what they looked like. I said I didn't ask, it doesn't matter. I think all chi puppies are precious and beautiful. I will call later this evening to check on them again. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and concerns.

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That's great news! I agree, they are all cute! :wink:
Wow! Congrats!!!! :D :D :D
Congrats...I am looking for a little girl to breed with my boy. If anyone happens to know of a little girl in the Maryland/Delaware area let me know becuase I am having trouble finding one :cry:
aww that's wonderful news !!!! :wave:

kisses nat
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