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Hello – I am a web designer located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who is DESPERATE to be the proud Mum of 2 male chi babies. The average cost of a small website design is well over $2000.00 Canadian Dollars and I am looking to make a trade with a breeder who would like to have a website designed – it is a very economical way to advertise and bring a professional image to your business!

I have been to many puppy sites that offer paid and free advertising and after reading through most of the advertisements I found that quite a few of the featured breeders have websites listed in their contact information. I am contacting you in the hopes that you wish a website but thought perhaps it was too expensive or complicated to consider. My location in Toronto, Canada is not a problem if you have access to email – as almost all of my previous websites have been done entirely remotely. I would be willing to pay for the transportation of the puppies.

A little about myself and my family:

  • Stable home life for the puppies – married over 17 years with a 16-year-old daughter, both supportive of my “quest” for puppies! My husband was born and raised on a farm and has a genuine aptitude and love of all animals. Our whole family lived on a show cattle/breeding farm for several years before moving back to the city.
  • Own home with a reasonably large-sized completely fenced in yard.
  • One very special, slightly overweight and very funny cat (Sarah) who considers my daughter (an vise-versa) as her “sister” and is very much a part of the family. She is 9 years old.
  • Although both my husband and I work full-time there is someone home til 8:00 am and back at 3:00 pm – part of the reason I want two puppies! They won’t be as lonely.
  • Excellent neighbours – two who are retired and at home all day who LOVE animals.

I have researched breeds and thought about getting puppies for the last 9 months after falling in love with a friends 2 chi’s, unfortunately the initial purchase amount for two puppies is not an expense that I can justify at this time, but I soooo want them!

For a better idea of my skills please have a look at my website – which has past examples of sites that I have designed (and most I still maintain on an ongoing basis). References can be easily obtained. Please note that I do not supply IP addresses or hosting facilities, (although I am able to consult with you about how to go about doing both). I am very personable and easy to work with and will not swamp you with technical jargon. All my sites are designed using Photoshop, Illustrator and DreamWeaver – all fairly accessible programs and we can work out update schedules.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions – hopefully we can work something out!

Yours truly,

Dalene Smith
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