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<3 Daddies & Doggies! <3 *PIC HEAVY*

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Tiffany's thread inspired me! I haven't seen one of these posts in a while; and since many of these pics will still be new to some of the newer members I thought it'd be fun to compile a thread just of "Daddies & Doggies!" So please share pics of your boyfriend/hubby/father/son/gramps anything! Just guys and doggies! There's nothing sweeter to me than a guy with a soft spot for animals. And although I'm the one on here posting, Rob deserves SO much credit for all he does for our dogs! He loves them as much as I do; and is the sole reason I can take care of, rescue and foster dogs. He makes it possible; and he does a lot of work with them too cleaning and walking. And lots and lots of cuddling... so without further adieu, here is a PIC HEAVY start and hopefully inspiration for others to share too! Some of these are old, some are new, but they all have a certain "aw" factor about them! =)

About 2 years ago; we all look so much younger. Even Kahlua is in her teenage stage! <3

At our old house…

Kahlua giving Daddy smooches.:love10:

Another old pic of baby Rosie and us! Daddy’s beard is nommy. :icescream:

This is actually MY Dad! He loves Kahlua too. =)

Real men snuggle with adorably dressed chihuahuas <3 Mia Zofia looks so itty bitty.snuggled by her dad in the backseat.

More extra special nose kisses for Daddy!

Ellie naps on the couch pillow, and even Figaro the kitty loves his dad! Still Tequila’s turn for cuddles, though!

Daddy and his Rosie Cheeser…

Walkies with Daddy~
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Yup; he’s a ladies man… walkin 3 at once, w00t w00t!!

Daddy has all their attention when he opens the fridge; as they know that’s where their nomnoms are kept!:grommit:

Tequila is a HUGE Daddy’s girl; though she loves attention from anyone and will melt in your arms if you just LOOK at her, LOL:daisy:

Our roommate aka “Uncle Gary” and Mia Zofia. Even our closest friends have their favorites, lol! She’s always tucked into his arm or shirt. Really that’s what I like having roommates for; more people to give attention to the dogs lol!!:p

Rob (Daddy’s) brother; aka Uncle Ben, and “Cousin Wishy.”:cool:

And all the furkids greet Daddy when he comes home from work with happiness, kisses, and from Kahlua, super duper bear-showing!:cheers:
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My doggies have taken to their new daddy very well! My bf has never had a dog before and in the beginning he never wanted them in the room with us but now
He says he's an adoptive father and he asks few times a day how they are and he googles things about dogs and tells me tips haha we've been together a year and dogs are sleepin in the bed with us and all :) he has started buyin them presents once in awhile too lol

You can see ninja somewhat

Pick me up papa

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That's all I have on my phone! They still see their first dad as we have joint custody between the 4 of them but we call him daddy and their new dad is Papa!
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OMG these are too sweet!! Keep em coming!

(He insisted that I buy Penny a dress)

Getting ready for college graduation last year!

Lion and my little brother:
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Here's Daddy holding Khorra when we went camping. Little Khorra never got a chance to touch the ground on her first camping trip because she hadn't had all of her shots yet.

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Kat this is a great thread! Those are some very special nose kisses that daddy got haha!
Kat this is a great thread! Those are some very special nose kisses that daddy got haha!
IKR! These pictures are just downright adorable... I think I'm gonna actually hafta show "the guys" that they aren't alone! LOL
Awww, my puppies don't have a daddy :( They live in a single parent family lol.
OMG! The one without the white stripe on his head looks like my Angel!
OMG! The one without the white stripe on his head looks like my Angel!
Wow! They could be brother and sister! They are twins!
Awe some pictures.
I loved daddy's shoulder as a little girl

I love daddy's shoulder as a big girl

I love to sit by daddy cuz he lets me clean my legs

My brother tries to be like daddy...but he's not
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My fiancé with Zeus when he was 12 weeks old. :)

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