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3 lbs. @ 3 mo. ?

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I took my Mia to the vet the other day for her second round of shots, and the vet said she weighed 3 lbs! The first time I took her in the vet said she would probably only get to about 4-5 lbs. full grown. She is a dear head and has long, lean legs. The vet said she was in good health and not fat at all. If she is 3 lbs. @ 3 mo. what should I excpect her to weigh full grown? Does anybody have an idea.

Don't get me wrong, nothing could make me love her any less. I'm just curious.

I am going to post some pics of her in her new sweater on Monday. She's so darn cute!

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Ozzy was just over 2 pound at 12 weeks and he is now 7 and a half at 18 months :wave:
Tequila was about 3lbs at around 3 months and she is also 7.5lbs

To be honist (since I have a chi that is only 3lbs) I much rather have a larger chi. I love Ginger to death, but the smaller they are the more problems they seem to have.

Also, I saw a pure chi at work that was about 12lbs! Very cute and in very good shape...nice and lean but gosh I have never seen such a large chi in my life! It really goes to show that you cannot really guess how big your chi will become.
I agree! I just don't think you will know untill they are grown...about one year. I have found the Chihuahua Weight charts to be way off! :shock:
I own three Chi's. Two are 6lbs and one is 3lbs, I love them to death. But, I can honestly say, my little Chloe has almost been stepped on and is a very picky eater! :roll: :D

I don't know if I believe the charts either. Gadget is 1Lb 6.5oz and the chart says he will only be 4 pounds when fully grown.. I don't really beilieve that because bothhis parents are 5 and 6 pounds...

Thanks for responding. Her parents were 5-6 lbs. So, I guess that's what she will be. Thats fine with me. I thought I really wanted a smaller dog, but after reading so many problems with smaller dogs, I'm happy she will be a little bigger.
Now, if I could just get the potty thing under control, I would me delighted.
9.8 to 10 pounds

Dobbie ranges from about 9.5 to 10 pounds, depending upon how recently he has had to board at the vet's. He always loses weight while he is there. His ears won't stand completely upright except when he is keenly interested in something, then up they go. He bounces everywhere, off of my high bed and even jumps up there. He believes that anywhere he can climb, is fair game. His zoomies scare me... He runs at top speed, circling the dining table, running thru the chair legs, jumping on and off the sofa, etc. Thank goodness he is a big Chi!
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